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Cuticles – To Cut or Not to Cut

This is an arguable topics, but every doctor, dermatologist and esthetician I contacted on the matter emphatically said NO CUTTING!

I agree with all of them. Cutting cuticles can lead to infections and that is not sexy. Aside from pain, bleeding and scarring, cutting cuticles can damage the matrix (No, Neo, you don’t have a choice between a red pill or blue pill). The matrix is like the command center for your nail health. It produces keratin cells that make up your nail plate. Damage it and your nail could become deformed.

Instead of picking at cutting at that tender and bacteria barrier, push them back instead. Use a cuticle softener, try Sally Hansen Instant cuticle remover. It will make the skin pliable and easy to move. Next use the curved end of a nail groomer (it looks a bit like a spoon) to gently push them back.

Pushing instead of cutting will remove the buildup and prevent nail beds from becoming red, swollen and inflamed.

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its a problem i face all the time


aha, the matrix is the key!

Yikes, I did not know that. I cut mine all the time!


Oh wow! Yeah I don’t cut mine.


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