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Did First Lady Michelle Obama Get a New Haircut?

You’ll be hard-pressed to get me to say that the FLOTUS ever makes a mistake in terms of her hair.  Her new bob hairdo is no exception.  However, it’s all a a bit misleading…

Michelle Obama, June 13, 2011,  hosting the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills

via: The Look/Today:

“While it looks drastic, it’s not: Like Nicole Kidman, Taylor Swift and Eva Longoria, who recently proved they didn’t have the heart to part with their locks, Mrs. O merely styled the faux bob – Hollywood’s easily mastered hair craze. The stylish summer ‘do is simple, fun and, more importantly, requires no scissors.

Start by gathering hair in the back and twisting it at the length you want the bob, then gently tuck the hair underneath and secure with several bobby pins. Gently pull out a few face-framing layers in front, then spritz on some hairspray to keep it in place.”

One of my favorite looks is when Mrs. Obama went curly in a royal blue one-shoulder gown…

Short, chic and curly…

But I also really love this smooth, sleek style on our First Lady with the deep side-part with the gorgeous statement earrings…

Stunning shiny, glossy hair…

Do you have a favorite look for our First Lady?




I was years ahead of my time….I used to do that in 3rd grade….I had hair down to my waist…I wanted short hair….Mom refused…so I put on a cloth headband and tucked hair underneath….then pulled out to my desired length ..freaked myMom out at first…

Diva Julia

Smarty-Pants. I love that!

xoxo DivaJulia


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