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DIY Natural Hair-Lightening Spray

natural highlights

Do you wish for lighter hair, yet don’t want to dye it for fear of losing its unique tone?

Nothing says “I spent a week lounging on a fabulous beach while you were stuck in the office” more than sun streaked highlights in your hair.

Here’s how to go a few shades lighter this summer without hitting the salon!


1/2 cup water
1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup lemon juice
1/2 cup chamomile tea left to steep until it’s strong
A spray bottle


Pour all the ingredients into the bottle and stir gently until they’re thoroughly blended. Spritz on towel-dried hair and style however you normally would. It’ll take several uses before you see results, although if you blow-dry or heat style your hair regularly, you’ll see results faster.

Warning: If your hair is naturally dark brown or black, then this spray will give you highlights, but they’ll be brown or ginger, not blond. If you want to go more than three shades above your natural color, then it’s always best to visit a stylist. And as always, perform a strand test on an inconspicuous piece of hair before applying all over to ascertain how your hair will react.

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This is a great idea, sounds mostly natural too which is good!

Blessie Nelson

Have you actually tested this out? How did it turn for you?

Be careful with the peroxide! Too much and your hair gets orange


Ok I love this, definitely giving it a try,


Definitely interested in seeing the result too!


I’m a bit scared of trying this and frying my hair, had a “Sun In” disaster in my teens. :-/


My friend swooshes her teeth with peroxide, again I’m not convinced but she does have white, white teeth.

this is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!

how did you come up with this stuff!! your amazing!!!
{will this be safe for kids?}
~ iam a kid

and one last thing where do you even get this hidrgin poroxside stuff?!?

I’ve got to start doing this!


@ laila. It is safe for kids if their mom supervises, but honestly kids look so much better au naturel. :)


In fact no, it’s probe best if kids just avoid it. Don’t listen to me, bad idea. My soin dyed his hair blonde when he was about 9 and it looked really gingery and bad.


Des can be so bad for hair, this sounds much better!


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