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Do You Have a Fashion Icon? Who Inspires YOU?

Once again, I’m going to show my age by mentioning a name that 90% of you will not even recognize.  I mean, maybe her last name will sort of ring a bell, but more than likely, you’ll have to ask your MOM.  However, MOM might not give you all the pertinent (and scandalous) details of this woman’s fabulosity.

Bianca’s Iconic YSL White Suit

Bianca. Jagger. Please–I don’t want to hear “whoooo?” from the back of the classroom.  Just listen up.  Bianca is probably best-known for being one of Mick Jagger’s ex-wives.  How-bloody-EVER.

(Oh, click this video on, so you have some fantastic disco atmosphere, courtesy of Mick and the Boys…aka The Rolling Stones.  Heard of ‘em?)

It’s been said Mick married his “mirror image”, so in fact he rather married himself.  Typical rock star behavior.

Happy 30th Birthday in Halston at Studio 54, Bianca.  Wow.

I was in middle school when Bianca’s image was in every magazine, showing her cavorting in the glamorous and oh, so exclusive  Studio 54, hanging out with legendary designer, Halston, good friend Andy Warhol, even making an entrance on a white horse to the famed nightclub for her 30th birthday.  I didn’t realize it then, but I was taking mental notes of Bianca’s impeccable fashion sense and storing them in the Rolodex in my brain.

Tom Ford’s 2011 Womenswear Line

Turns out, I’m not the only one who still loves 70′s Chic.  Both Tom Ford and Rachel Zoe have current collections that emulate the decadent, yet polished look of the Studio 54 era.  Tom’s white suit and Rachel’s red suit are making my heart race…

Rachel Zoe’s 2011 Fall Collection

So, tell me.  Who do you love?

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That red suit is gorgeous! I’m wishing i had thinner thighs as i drool over it!


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