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Fashion Face Off: Diane Kruger VS. Kim Kardashian

I love these Fashion Face Offs! It is the same dress, but looks totally different on each woman. They looks are nearly identical head to toe. Diane Kruger and Kim Kardashian each wore the Altuzarra dress with black ankle strap boasting pumps.

I love curves and women who are ashamed of them, but the thing about Kim is that she always seems to have a fitting issue. This dress would undoubtedly look good on her if it didn’t appear to be too small. Perhaps it is the photo. I always look horrid in pics. (I’d like to think that my face doesn’t appear that wonky in real life.)

Diane is a natural beauty and could probably wear a potato sack and look chic. Is it just me or does her slit appear higher? Again, it could be and angle thing.

Who do you think owns the look?

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