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Get Amazing Eyelashes


Every woman wants thick, mile-long beautiful eyelashes.

Not since the days of Sophia Loren and Faye Dunaway has it been so essential to sport lashes that create a strong breeze with a wink.

Eyelash Curlers & a Great Mascara

I would try this option before the ones below to see if you like the results. Simply use an eyelash curler paired with a thickening mascara for great results.

Always curl your lashes before applying mascara. For added effect, blast hot air for 3 seconds on your curler with a blowdryer. Test with your finger before latching onto your lashes. Follow with several coats of a thickening mascara (I like Lancome).

False Eyelashes

You can buy individual lashes or eyelash strips at any drugstore. They’re cheap, efficient and will last you an evening. The cons: they aren’t as professional-looking as your other options and they tend to fall off as the day/evening progresses.

Eyelash Lengtheners in a Bottle

I have a few friends who swear by Latisse, which is an eyelash lengthener that you place at the lash line to make your lashes grow. There are other products, but Latisse is the most popular one.

The effects are long-term, they truly work and with proper use you will have longer, more lush lashes. The cons are that putting a product on your eyelash line is a bit creepy when you consider the warnings that it “may cause your eye color to change.”

Have no fear, apparently this only happened to one person and the company now has to include a warning. Just don’t put this in your eye. Put it at the lash line.

False Lashes Applied in a Salon

My friends with eyelash extensions look absolutely amazing so I highly recommend them. Larger cities boast salons dedicated to eyelash extensions. These are individually applied and last about 3-4 weeks.

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Great advice, I’m going to implement these into my eyelashes.


I was born with horrible lashes. I need all the help i can get.


Love big lashes, plenty of layers of mascara is the way to go!

I love having long lashes, mine are usually fake.


Great tips, I need to start using an eyelash curler.


I needed this advice! My eyelashes are like non-existent!


And, avoid using the eyelash extensions too much guys, I did that and wrecked my real lashes!


I haven’t tried false lashes before, would like to give them a go!

I’ve been using these tips lately and my eyelashes are looking amazing!


I have such short eyelashes so these are great tips.


I would at least once like to try false eyelashes.


Question: Where can I get Latisse? Everyone talks about it, I can’t find it online?


I would love to give a lengthening product a try.


Three to four weeks sounds like a pretty good amount of time to get amazing lashes.


Love natural looking long lashes, these are top tips!


Wow, I didn’t know there were so many options to lengthen them.


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