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Get Fake Eyelash Looks With These Mascaras

I am not a fan of false eyelashes. If they aren’t done with a skilled hand, they can look very obvious. Try as I might, I cannot pull these off.

Luckily there are several mascaras out there that can fake the fake lash. It may not be Kim Kardahsian bold, but it will look even better. Plus, no gluing your eyes shut as my dear friend, Betty, managed to do.

When looking for a big look, go for a formula that you can layer to build volume. You also want something that separates as is clump free.

Fancy Name, Fancy Results: Lancome Hynose Star – This little diddy has great reviews. You can find it on the favorite lists of magazine editors, beauty mavens and celebrities. The formula has a shimmer that picks up light. It can be a bit much for an everyday mascara, but we are going for bold here.

The Cheapie Wonder: NYC Big Bold Curl – For about $5 you can say goodbye to your eyelash curler. The curled wand will work wonders on those of us with less than natural lift. Two or three swipes should do the trick.

No Frills: Clinique High Impact Mascara – This is a volume creator. It will cost you about $20, but it will be worth it. There isn’t anything “fancy” about the brush and it’s not made with the tears of a unicorn, but it gets the job done. Try multiple coats to turn the volume up with this great clump free formula.

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