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Glamorous Camping – Stay Beautiful in the Outdoors

Glamorous Camping sounds like an oxymoron. Camping in general sounds like torture to me, but my idea of “roughing it” is going somewhere without room service. However, I love a campfire and the peace in the woods. Until it touches me. Then I am running around like the giraffe on ‘Madagascar.’ AH! NATURE! GET IT OFF OF ME!

So, in spirit of embracing the fact I would never survive a zombie apocalypse, but I could camp, here are some tips for going “glamping.”

Go minimal and leave the exfoliating loofah and shower gel at home. Instead, grab a bar of soap. To keep the “glam” factor, try Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day All Purpose Soap Bar in Basil. You don’t want ANYTHING floral or too fruity when you are in the wilderness. Think of keeping bugs at bay with all your scents. Click HERE for tips to keep mosquitoes at bay…

Sunscreen, is a necessity and so is bug spray. Combine the two into one bottle with Bull Frog Mosquito Coast. It has a DEET free repellent and an SPF broad spectrum sunscreen in 1 convenient spray.

The very thought of nature makes itchy. It’s inevitable. I will somehow get into poison ivy. Pack Burt’s Bees Poison Ivy Soap to cleanse and stop they spread. Also pack some non-drowsy Benadryl that will help with any other allergy related issues.

Chances are, it is going to be humid. You won’t be able to flat iron your hair so bring pony tail holders and pins to secure your mane. To prevent the poof, try Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield shampoo. If you won’t have shower access, pack a dry shampoo.

Baby wipes are going to be your best friend while sweating and being without running water. Go for the non-scented kind so the sweet smells don’t bring out buggy friends.

Keep any and all makeup you “can’t live without” minimal. Think – 1 tube of tinted lip balm, clear gel mascaras and tinted moisturizers.

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I prefer to remain glamorous in my hotel.

Not a camper, but thanks for the tips just in case.

Sorry honey the only camping I do it condo camping…

I love camping just got back from 5 days wish i had these tips before will certainly use!


A bug spray is essential too!


I can’t rough it anymore.

Burts bees puts out great stuff. Mostly natural, too.


I really want to go camping, not glamping- just so I can prove to myself that I can do it.


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