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Gold Medalist Jamie Anderson’s Winter Beauty Survival

Gold Medalist Jamie Anderson's Winter Beauty Survival

Snowboarder Jamie Anderson nabbed the gold medal in slopestyle, a new event debuting in the Olympics this year.

How does she protect her skin and hair from the bitter elements on the mountain?

To counter the dehydrating effects of the chilly conditions, Anderson slathers on Olay Fresh Effects Hydrating Gel Moisturizer, containing skin-softening honeysuckle and white tea, an antioxidant, morning and night. “On the mountain, I always use sunscreen and drink a lot of water to stay hydrated,” she says.

Anderson keeps her hair healthy in the winter months by using a repairing shampoo and conditioner to shield her strands from damage. “I also put a little coconut oil on the tips to keep them from splitting.”

Although you might not spend quite as much time outdoors as Anderson, your skin and hair could still take a beating as 2014’s deep freeze continues. Here’s how to survive the remaining weeks of winter:

    - Keep your showers less than 10 minutes. If you can get it all done in 5, all the better.

    - Keep the water lukewarm, not hot. Hot water strips the natural layer of oil on the outermost part of your skin, called the epidermis.

    - Exfoliate your whole body from the shoulders down three times a week. Buy a body exfoliator or make your own. You can even simply mix sugar and body wash for an easy inexpensive exfoliation. Rub your skin in circular motions to thoroughly exfoliate.

    - Consider using soap daily only on the parts that need a good washing, including areas that you sweat. Soap can be very drying on your skin, especially if you use deodorant soap. Use soap on the rest of your body as needed.

    - Trade in your bar of Dial for a moisturizing bar or body wash. Dove, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter or any creamy body wash is a good alternative.

    - Women, instead of shaving with your husband’s shaving cream, try eos: moisturizing shave cream for a less-drying option.

    - Pat your skin dry, don’t rub it dry.

    - Immediately after you pat your skin dry, apply a cream, body butter or oil, such as argan oil. Don’t wait. The longer you wait the quicker your skin will start itching.




The harsh weather must be very difficult to deal with, great tips!

With all the practicing she does, I can’t even imagine how dry her skin must be.


That’s a good point about the shower. I spend way too long in there.


Those are all great tips. I may have to use them myself.

She would be the one to ask, that is for sure.


Good on her for nabbing the gold! Plus she has gorgeous and clear skin, these sure are some great tips!


A lot of the girls have dry skin.


Love this! I’ve been obsessed with watching the Olympics

The women are seriously kicking ass this year – aren’t they?


Dry skin is such a horrible thing to have.

Great tips and with all the time she spends out doors she would know!

Those are all very awesome tips. So happy for her too!

I bet keeping her hair hydrated outdoors all the time is not easy.

Wow that is a lot of great tips! I am definitely adding a few of these to my routine.


I always love to shower and bathe in hot water in the winter. Probably not a good idea.


Those are all great tips. I enjoyed the Olympics this year too!


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