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Guide Your Guy: Men’s Grooming 101

I received a few emails that asked about men’s grooming. Looking good isn’t just a “girl thing” anymore. Keep your guy gorgeous with a few rules that fit everyone.

Rule #1: SUNSCREEN. I know I preach this to the point of aggravation, but healthy skin is so sexy.

Rule #2: Use a hot towel to open the pores before shaving and a cold towel after. This will help prevent redness and nicks.

Rule #3: Even though he may not have hair, it is still essential to wash that area of his head with the proper cleanser. Use a moisturizing wash and don’t be afraid to apply some SPF to bald spots. Check out GO 24*7 for the proper products for men. They have everything from shampoo to grooming cream.

Rule #4: Exfoliate once a week to prevent ingrown facial hair. Getting rid of dead skin isn’t just for girls!

Rule #5: Encourage your guy to go hat-free. Men tend to show their support for their team by sporting hats paying homage, but they also tend to be a breeding ground for bacteria. Think about all that sweat that accumulates in the band of their favorite hat. It then sits on the skin for hours creating a incubator for acne. Wash the hat, if he doesn’t mind, and have him scrub post game.

Rule #6: Dudes wearing lip balm isn’t too girly. Nothing will ruin a kiss faster than chapped lips. Don’t be afraid to slough off dead skin and rehydrate with something as simple as Carmex or ChapStick. GO 24*7 also has a manly balm just for his pucker.

Rule #7: Keep everything trimmed. Nose hairs, eyebrows, hair, beards and chest hair. Do not pluck your man’s brows or shape them, but don’t be afraid to trim a forest. Have him keep neck and ear hairs shaved off for a well kept and polished finished that isn’t too over the top.

Rule #8: Nails should be short and clean. Nothing sends a woman on a detour like men with long nails!

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Guys need a little help now and then.

Applying sunscreen seems pretty helpful because we can’t always hide from the sun. Good post.


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