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Gym Proof Your Beauty Routine

Bikini season is around the corner and I have been hitting the gym like a mad woman in preparation. While at my most recent visit, I chipped my nail polish and managed to trash my tresses.

For your nails, try to seal each nail by running a little color under the tip. This is where cracks often begin. If you really want to ensure your at home mani, try a sticky base coat. OPI has a great ChipSkip Manicure Prep Coat.

My ponytail is a blessing and a curse. I love my long hair, but securing in a trendy tail or bun while battling a workout can prove to be impossible. Ponytails can damage your hair and when you add sweat to the mix…it increases your risk. Instead of elastic bands that pull and break your strands, try Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin. It works on all textures and is safer for your updo. Insert the pin in the crease of the bun closest to your scalp and turn it. It will grab the bun and hair underneath.

Chapped lips anyone? This seems unavoidable and may have you smearing on gobs of gunk to protect that tender skin. Vaseline is great, but I try to avoid the pore clogging concoction when I am working out. There might be an underlining problem. Dry lips are often the sign that our internal water balance may be off. Avoid moisture zapping drinks like alcohol and coffee the day you plan to hit the trails. The way you breathe may also be a problem. If you are a mouth breather, try Breathe Right Nasal Strips and do your best to focus your air consumption through your nose.

Whatever you do…DO NOT LICK YOUR LIPS. Saliva naturally wicks the moisture from your skin.

Going straight from the office to your workout? Don’t have time to wash your face? Avoid pore clogging makeup that contains mineral oil or petrolatum. The goal is to keep your skin breathing. Spare a few moments to take a baby wipe to your T-Zone.

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