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Hair Dye Tips and Tricks

Rona O’Connor is the wizard behind some of the hottest stars in Hollywood. She is responsible for Brooke Shields’ sun kissed brunette, Debra Messing’s ruby red head and Blake Lively’s blushed blonde.

She has some tips and tricks to getting the most out of your hair color…

*Always use a clarifying shampoo free of silicone. The ingredient will prevent color from penetrating the hair shaft.

*Take everything into considering your new hue: clothing, budget and where you live can factor into the final result. “Gray cities with shadow-casting buildings call for brighter hues, while cooler, blue-based tones look less brassy in sunnier climes.” (Via Shape Magazine)

*Wait 48. Hours that is. By letting your color cure for 2 days, it gives your cuticles a chance to fully close around the color.

*If you are doing a box color, follow the directions to the letter. “Some women leave the dye on for less time thinking it’ll look more natural, but it ends up lifting the shade without depositing all the color, leaving it flat.

*To restore shine in between dye jobs, rinse hair with 1 once white vinegar and 1 cup water.

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