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Hair Trends for 2013 with Luigi Murenu

The runways have been walked on by models who are expertly groomed to pay proper homage to the looks they donned at various Fashion Weeks. Fashion savvy or not, these shows tend to cultivate beauty trends.

Luigi Murenu shared some of his tips, thoughts and advice with Elle for the upcoming hair trends. The Sardinian stylist is an editor’s dream with a following that includes Madonna, Kate Moss and Scarlett Johansson.

His extreme passion for vision and refusal to become a one trick pony has his name on the hot list.

Short Hair VS Long Hair – “Pixies and bobs may be in fashion, but they don’t suit everyone. Having very long hair or very short hair isn’t cooler: it’s boring.

Medium length hair with layers allows for much more imagination. You can play more. Recently, a few girls have asked me to cut their hair into a bob. Does it look cooler? Not necessarily.”

Most Common Hair Mistakes – “[Women] don’t know which products to use. You have to look at your hair type, and an expert can help you to determine that. Extreme haircuts are another one.

The biggest mistake a woman can make is to get a mullet.”

Hair Trends for 2013 – Eye skimming fringes, soft braids, crimped hair

All of his picks for were seen at various designers shows. Bangs were big with Pucci ladies, braids were everywhere, but heavy on Viktor and Rolf and crimped hair was a favorite with Zac Posen.

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Don’t think I’ve seen a lot of crimped hair this year…


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