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Has Your Makeup Expired?

Makeup Expiration Date

You probably don’t think about beauty products going bad like milk, but things like mascara and even nail polish have expiration dates.

While using old foundation won’t make you sick, it could cause break-outs or irritation. Here’s three signs your makeup has expired.

The Texture Has Changed:

Have you ever gone to use a foundation or liquid makeup and noticed that is completely separated, or the texture has changed? A great way to discern whether or not a product has gone bad is simply by looking at its texture. What once was smooth and silky, is now thick, gooey, or really thin and runny. This will happen most with liquid products, and if your makeup shows any of these signs, it’s definitely a green light to toss in the garbage.

It Smells Funky:

If your makeup has a strange odor to it, it’s a tell-tale sign that it’s way past its expiration date and needs to be thrown out. Smell is least likely to happen with eyeshadows or powder products, and most likely to happen with liquid or cream products such as lipsticks. If your lip glosses get a strong alcohol smell, or waxy smelling fragrance like a box of crayons, you definitely need to get rid of them! Smells are commonly caused by ingredients going rancid, making it the last thing that you want to put on your face.

Your Skin Reacts:

If you have been using certain products for a while, and all of a sudden your skin starts reacting to them, definitely take inventory of what might be causing the reaction. To have sensitive skin and react to something is much different than reacting to a product that is past its expiration date. If you are someone who has fairly sensitive skin, you can gauge a reaction quickly within the first 24 hours of using it. Reactions from products that have gone bad usually occur months after, sometimes making it confusing to know exactly what you’re reacting to.

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Good tips, I always forget to check how long I’v had things and it’s easy to overlook it!

Ug, I can always tell from the smell of the makeup. It just seems “off”

I hate when makeup get that weird smell to it, I just throw it away.


Yep, you always know when that smell happens that it’s time to say goodbye.

Throwing out expired makeup is definitely NOT something I’m very good at!

I’m not very good at this either.


Er, I have an entire box full of old make up and vowed not to buy any more. I may have to rethink that :-/


My friend keeps all her nail varnish in the fridge. Swears by it making it last.


I’m trying hard not to impulse buy at stores like mac now and that helps.


I need to clean my bag up. Thanks for the reminder.


I was just calculating how long I had some makeup items. Think I need to clean up my bag.


I went through all mine and was shocked how much had gone off! wow.


Also, little tip- using a little brush to get out the last of the lipstick has really worked well for me, (if it hasn’t gone off).


I just went through all mine with these tips!


Cleaning brushes is quite the process I have learned!


Great tips, always forget to check how long things last for.


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