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High Heels: Beauty is Pain Darling!

I can still hear my Aunt Yetta informing me that “If Birkenstocks are good enough for Jesus, then they are good enough for your wedding.”

She was right. It was my “special day” that I didn’t want to end with blisters and bunions. I walked down the aisle in ballet slippers and I don’t regret the decision for a fraction of a second.

No one could see my footwear anyway, but Yetta…everyone could see her sandals and she didn’t care. While they were nursing foot pain after dancing for hours at the reception, she was batting off groomsmen begging for a dance.

High heels make your calves look amazing. They are always cute and instantly create an outfit. However, long periods of time in the footwear can create problems.

A well respect podiatrist, Stuart Mogul, DPM, confirms that high heels can cause more than just pain. It can lead to problems.

“In addition to restricting the foot, you are also increasing the weight on the area that is restricted, so you’re not only crushing your toes, but you’re crushing them and then putting weight on them, and that’s a problem. High heels don’t cause bunions, but they sure can aggravate them. Both the heel height and the point of the shoe can play a role. If the foot is then placed in a high heel, and pitched forward, the pressure on these bones increases and bunion pain grows worse.”

The bones in your feet are also at risk. Pressure of strappy heels can increase your risk of stress fractures and osteoarthritis in the feet.

It isn’t all a nightmare and you don’t have to swear off heels for the rest of your life. Just take care of your feet!

*Get a proper fit. Look for narrow heels with a snug but not tight fit to stop your feet from sliding forward in the footwear.

*Go for a gradual “slope” or “pitch” of the heel. It will be easier on the arch.

*Peep Toes and a woman’s best friend. Open-toe high heels help to relieve pressure on corns and calluses.

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