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Hot List: Skin Savers

Korres Yoghurt Moisturizing CreamYogurt is fab for your insides, but it also does double duty for your outsides. Yogurt is packed with probiotics and immune boosting cells. When it is applied to skin, it hydrates and promotes good bacteria while fighting off the bad bacteria like pimple promoters. You can dip into your plain fridge stash or try Korres’ cream.

Peter Thomas Roth Firm X Peeling Gel – Aunt Yetta may or may not have professed her undying love for Roth’s creations until she saw the price tag. This is one of those times where the splurge is worth it. Your skin needs to breathe and will look best when the top layer has been sloughed off. This is a natural process when you are young, but once you hit your thirties, it slows down. To keep the process rolling, try Firm X Peeling Gel. It is packed with glycolic acid, retinoids and enzymes. Remember, that you can indulge in too much of a good thing. Resist the urge to scrub more than twice a week.

Aveeno HydroSport Sunscreen Spray – Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Sunscreen. I cannot say it enough. To battle aging, skin damage and even keep cancerous brewing at bay wear SUNSCREEN. You can read up on the truth about tanning by clicking HERE.

It is pretty much found in every concoction that makeup companies make these days, but Aveeno’s spray will cover UVB and UVA rays. Spray it on after your morning shower and you’ll be covered until you can reapply after work.

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