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Hot Trend Alert: Ombre Lips

The ombre movement has been gaining moment for months now. The light-to-dark fade isn’t just for fabric.

Beyond a beautiful ombre dress, the look translated into hair trends. Dark roots that gradually lightened into blonde ends became a celebrity staple. Now, the technique is being used in makeup.

Runways were filled with ombre lips at various Fashion Week events. Red lips that boasted almost black fades into a blood-red pout were a repeated look.

Mixtures of bright colors, like neons, were mixed on lips to create a new take bold statements. No rules really applied to the trend.

The contouring is key here. Some like to fade from right to left, while others prefer to fade from the center of the lip to an outward highlight. Even better, the faded lip look gives the illusion of fuller lips.

There are many ways to score the look, but remember to contour.

Use two colors to create a fade. I suggest using a lighter color as a base for the entire lip. Then use you finger to liberally apply a darker shade where you want to create a contour.

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Okay I’m not gonna lie – this is kinda hot.


Sorry, but this trend will definitely not catch on for me


ooh, i love seeing women with dark red lips. looks so chic and classy

I am not really sure about this, bet it is hard to keep it looking like that!

I like the upper left one, but the other not so much… too drastic!


It’s kind of interesting but maybe only for a night out!

I love this look, but I purse my lips so much that i might mix the colors :-/


THis looks too high fashion for me.

I do like the ones that are darker in the center and then lighter at the edge.


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