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How Do We Feel About the Buzz Cut on the Men in Our Lives?

I’m an avid men’s fashion magazine reader.  I prefer Esquire to Cosmopolitan and GQ to Glamour.  Maybe it’s because I have two sons and one grandson, or because I have a passion for well-dressed men and worked in the men’s clothing industry for many years.

This month’s GQ has posed the question: “do you have the spine (and head) to pull off the buzz cut?”  Obviously, the question is for dudes, but there are some chicks out there who look amazing with a shaved head. (Google Gail Ann Dorsey, for instance.)


Jason Statham rocks the buzz cut
via GQ:

“There’s something freeing about shaving your head. It’s as if you’re shearing off all the anxieties and other crap that have been weighing you down. It’s a clean start. A statement.

And it physically feels good, especially in the dead of summer. No more product, no more itching in the heat. Climb out of the pool, run your hand over your bristly scalp, and beads of water flick into the sunlight. That’s it—you’re done, you’re dry.

Over the past several years, I’ve looked forward to shaving my head each summer. It’s become an annual rite of vanity—makes me feel a bit younger, a bit more in control, and who knows, maybe even a bit hipper. It gives me the confidence to dress more stylishly. Because when you’ve got a clean buzz, no one is going to mistake you for a middle-management schlub. You might not look exactly like Zinédine Zidane or Beckham, but you can trick yourself into believing you’re heading in that direction.

And lame as this might sound, when you’ve got a full-time office job, a wife, a kid, and a mortgage, there’s not a lot you can do to give your life a kick in the pants. A shaved head is my small—cheap and easy—way of doing that.”

Personally, I think a buzz cut is super cool.  I see a man with the confidence to shave his head as quite the statement of knowing exactly who he is, and what he wants to represent to the world.  Another case in point:


I know this guy…

Think about the handsome men out there with the buzz cut; Brad Pitt in  Fight Club, and David Beckham and of course, Jason Statham up there.  Oh, and that dude with the pale green eyes?  My eldest son, Alex.

Yeah, yeah.  I’m biased and it’s a complete case of blatant nepotism splashing his photo here, but I think it proves a point.  The buzz cut can be for real men–not just celebrities.  (And yes, Alex’s eyes really are that color.)

How do you feel about a buzzed head?  Would your guy buzz his head?

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