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How Often Should I Shampoo My Hair?

How Often Should I Shampoo My Hair

You may be washing your hair more often than you need to.

Chances are you can stand to lather up a little less. There is absolutely no need to shampoo your hair every day. No one is that dirty.

Stylists and dermatologists agree that on average, people shampoo their hair too much. But before you rework your whole week’s shower schedule, keep in mind that the most important factor is your hair type.

    Fine, oily hair: If you have that fine, oily hair type, you’re going to need a deep cleansing shampoo that’s made for oily hair. You can alternate it with a volumizing shampoo to give your fine hair a lift.

    Fine, dry hair: Fine, dry hair needs plenty of refreshment. Try a shampoo with lots of moisturizing properties followed by a good conditioner. Don’t wash it every day, since frequent washing will strip out moisture and make your hair even drier. In fact, shampooing three to four times a week should be perfect for you.

    Curly hair: Curly hair naturally lacks moisture, so let yours soak up plenty of moisturizing shampoo and conditioner – you’ll be thankful when your curls are stronger and don’t frizz!

    Coarse, thick hair: Coarse hair needs plenty of moisture. Try using a smoothing shampoo that will add moisture while also sealing the hair cuticle (to prevent that moisture from escaping).

    Color-treated hair: Color-treated hair needs a bit more attention than standard hair types. You want to lock in the color molecules as long as possible, and a normal shampoo won’t help out. In fact, it will strip out your color.

Changing your shampoo every six months can make your hair feel and style differently. This can be due to the buildup that results from using styling products.

Brushing at night with an all-natural boar brush also prolongs the style.

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My hair goes dry if I shampoo everyday, cut back to every two days.


I used to shampoo everyday but now I do it every other day and I think my hair is healthier that way!

My hair is so dry it is falling out like crazy. I really have to use a good shampoo to prevent.


Guilty of shampooing way too much. It can do so much damage!


I was mine every other day. It works for me.

I try to not wash every day anymore. It was ruining my hair and my color


Especially when you color your hair, it isn’t good to wash it every day.

I never blow dry my hair either because it dries it out so bad.

I shampoo mine about three times a week which seems to be perfect for me…

Anyone know a good shampoo for dandruff for kids, other than head and shoulders?


After the gym I can’t handle not washing my hair. When I blow my hair out I try to go two days without washing but some days I just can’t make it.


What are the best shampoos for thick hair?


Great tips, I always overdo it so this is helpful to know.


I find alternating shampoos every other week makes a huge difference.

I wash it every day and yep I know it is the wrong thing to do.

Some people always need to shampoo their hair, it’s like an old habit that is difficult to break.


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