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How to Dress for a Night at the Opera (No Flip-Flops!)

Here’s where I get to sound-off once again like the old biddy that I’m clearly turning into.  Case in point:  I felt personally and culturally insulted upon witnessing  a woman wearing flip-flops to the opera last night.  Not just any flip-flops, mind you–the rubber kind we all used to wear as kids?  Yeah.  Those. Typical Seattle-hipsters being all “ironic” and “I don’t care how I look when I go to the opera, man.”  Honestly.

Before I come off as sounding like a complete elitist, this was my very first time attending an opera.  For my birthday, my husband gave me tickets for the two of us to see Madama Butterfly at McCaw Hall in Seattle.  I was a little nervous, sure, but I knew that the opera is a pretty fancy affair, and should dress accordingly.


$55.00 1961 Vintage Yellow Chiffon Dress – eBay

My husband wore a simple yet elegant black tuxedo, with a bow tie he tied himself (none of those pre-tied deals for him!), and I was finally given an opportunity to wear a vintage (circa 1961) yellow chiffon dress which I bought last year.  I actually found this dress on eBay and bought it for $55.00!!  It’s in pristine condition; every crystal and pearl embellishment around the waist was perfect.  There wasn’t a single snag or stain on this dress, which was such a thrill to behold when I opened the carefully wrapped parcel.  I paired it with black velvet hidden platform heels, a black faux-fur wrap from White House Black Market  which I bought probably 7 years ago.  I wore my hair in a simple, high ponytail, and get this–I used 3 faux pearl elastic bracelets to wrap around the ponytail holder.  (Pretty clever, huh?)


Enough with the hipster-ness, already!

My point here is, dress for the occasion–I’m talking to you, The Too Casual Hipster Seattle Chick.



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Lovely dress!

Thank you so much! I was thrilled to finally get a chance to wear it! xoxo DivaJulia

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If i would go to opera i would go in tuxedo black and my gf Green gown and a furstole


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