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How To Master A Bold Eyebrow

Put down the tweezers and cancel the wax appointment, bold eyebrows are in and they’re here to stay.

Not only have models with bushy brows sashayed down the runways at Mercedes-Benz Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Week for designers including Jason Wu and Rebecca Minkoff, but those in the seats have been embracing the trend and shunning the tweezers.

How To Master A Bold Eyebrow

Bold eyebrows have become a woman’s most treasured beauty accessory. Regardless of the shape your brows take, now is the time to re-invent your look with something bolder!

Here’s tips you need to know about mastering the bold brow:

    • If bushy brows aren’t your thing, make them bold with square ends in the inner corner.

    • To keep it natural-looking, go light on the rest of the face with natural skin and soft pink lips.

    • Don’t fake an arch with pencil, but if you have one keep it strong.

    • For realistic brows, use an eyeshadow brush to apply brow powder — the bigger the brush, the less streaky.

    • When blonde, go a shade or two darker.

    • Another idea: leave them think but up the intensity with a brow pencil to fill sparse sections.

    • Dabbing highlighter ont he brow bone adds contrast and shine.

    • Brush up the hair with a spoolie brush to get that natural lived-in effect.

    • To set powder or pencil, finish with a clear brow gel.

Sexy, sleek and high impact – this beauty trend is at the top of our list!

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Great tips, I love this look but have naturally light brows!


Any tips for those of us with sparse grow up there?

I use powder on my brows when I have an event. I have great brows but sometimes they just need a little help to look better in photos


My brows are always a bit of a mess, I wish I had the patience to pluck them a bit but I just can’t deal, LOL!

Great tips! My brows are hopeless, I am blond and they are fair and sparse.


My eyebrows are a hot mess right now.


Great tips, a bold brow takes some practice so it doesn’t look theatrical.


Be careful over-doing this look, we call in the scouse brow in the UK and they can look way too drawn on if you’re not careful!


Mine are so light so I usually pencil them in to add a bit of structure.

Sad to say mine are so sparse nothing will help!

My eyebrows are really bushy right now. I love these tips.


Thanks for tips. I have been trying to experiment with my eyebrows recently.


i did some plucking today. I’m going for this look!

It didn’t go so good, but I guess with anything it takes practice.


I need to work on this definitely. Practice makes perfect.


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