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How to Score a Boho Braid

The fiction hungry geek in me would like to credit Katniss Everdeen for bring braids back. The easy going boho braid is a huge trend right now and if you Google the ‘Hunger Games’ heroine’s name, the #1 suggested search result is “Katniss Everdeen braid.”

The sequel, ‘Catching Fire,’ is due in theaters in November so I have a feeling this look will reheat repeatedly in the coming year.

To score your own braid, start with dry hair that is knot free. (I like to run a curling iron through my hair to add texture…more on that in a minute.) Part your hair as you normally do and use your fingers to gather your hair to one side and collect it over your shoulder.

Let a few of your bangs or shorter layers of hair framing your face fall easily across your cheeks or brush against your chin. Next, start braiding making sure to keep hair snug, but not tight.

Secure with a clear elastic band. The goal of the look is to appear easy going and slightly undone. Anything too polished will come off as too severe.

If you come across these issues, do not fear…

My hair is too short. – No worries add the illusion of length by tying a ribbon over the elastic. Go for something that compliments your natural hair color.

My hair is curly/thick/coarse. – Even better you lucky woman! The look is enhanced by textures and volume.

My hair is too thin and the braid comes undone. – Take a note from my earlier mention and run a curling iron through your hair. Nothing fancy or severe. Just add some volume and texture. You can also flip your hair and spray with a lightweight holding spray to enhance volume. Avoid anything sticky as it might hinder your braiding.

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