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How To: Stella McCartney Inspired Soft Waves

Aveda Global Creative Director Antoinette Beenders styled soft, natural, effortless texture for the Stella McCartney Resort 2014 collection.

It’s a perfect complement to the playful, wearable collection full of lemon and pink shades, faux python prints and lauded as the fashion event of the year!

Here is how to score the look…

STEP 1. Prep the hair with Pure Abundance Style Prep for long lasting weightless volume.

STEP 2. Section hair starting from the back and blow-dry product into hair with a large round brush. Create a loose center part.

STEP 3. Apply Air Control Hair Spray to small sections of hair for a strong but barely-there hold and wrap loosely and quickly around a large barrel curling iron.

STEP 4. Let the curl fall out and gently tug from the end to create a looser, undefined curl. Style with fingers into desired place.

STEP 5. Finish with a misting of Air Control Hair Spray for a soft, transparent hold.

*TIP* To build body and volume prior to styling, wash and condition hair with Pure Abundance Shampoo and Clay Condition

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beautiful; this is a perfect look for the summer, for sure.

I really like the hairstyles much more natural. thanks for passing on!

I dont see it – looks a mess to me


Love these light waves, perfect for a casual daytime look.


Beautiful curls!

Love this – thanks!


My hair is so heavy that those waves would fall out in a second. :(

I’m inspired indeed.

Look at these waves baby. ~~~~~~~


I wonder what you could put in to hold the curls.

Love the tips, thanks for posting.


im still hating on her curls, very unattractive


Can somebody do this to my hair for me?

Stella is Stella after all!


Stella is amazing!


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