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How We Do It: Neon Eyeshadow

I may have past the age it is acceptable to trick-or-treat and I am no longer allowed to order from the kids meal section, but I can still rock neon eyeshadow. This may not be office friendly, but for a fun night out with friends…this look announces your arrival with style.

To score the look start with a blank canvas. Apply your favorite primer over your lid. Grab your favorite two shades and start by dabbing a fluffy brush into your color. Moving from the inner corner of your eye outward and blend well along the way.

Use a second complimentary neon shade to make the look really pop. This time blend from the outer corner inward. Blend the two shades together and create your desired shape. Add two coats of black mascara and fill in eyebrows with a shade that matches your natural brow color. You will need a stronger brow to pull this look off, but don’t go crazy. Make a mistake? Use this trick from our Makeup Emergency: Office Supplies to the Rescue tip vault.

As for the trend that came and went back when I was able to order a Happy Meal without getting shade from the cashier, it has been a huge runway staple lately. Sephora, Smashbox, Laura Mercier and Benefit have all injected their lines with the bold and bright hues.

Note: This look should be paired with a neutral lip tone. The general rule is to highlight either eyes or lips, but rarely both. This is one of those times to keep it simple.

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