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If you had the money, would you spend $1500 on makeup brushes?

I definitely wouldn’t. I’d buy a Balenciaga handbag and be done with it. But for someone out there, $1500 has to see like a reasonable amount to pay for a set of makeup brushes, otherwise The Claudio Riaz Collection Set wouldn’t exist and Barneys wouldn’t carry it.

Riaz, a makeup artists to the rich and famous, has received lots of good reviews for the quality and performance of his line of brushes. I’m doubtful that they’d make me look $1500 better than my MAC brushes, though – I’d have to see it to believe it, and odds are I’m not going to be seeing it any time soon. Are you enough of a beauty addict to plunk down a grand and a half for the best brushes?

Barneys, $1525.

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