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Keep Things Personal – My Eco-Lips Custom Balm

Lip balm can be a really personal thing. After all, it’s something we put on our lips on a regular basis in hopes that it will keep our lips feeling soft. Softer lips means less annoyance and means much-more-fun to kiss as well!

Keep Things Personal - My Eco-Lips Custom Balm

My Eco-Lips gives you the power to create your own lip balm exactly how you want it! You can create a unique formula from over 2 billion combinations and customize the label in a few easy steps!

1. Pick Your Ingredients

    Multiple Bases
    (vegan & beeswax)
    More than 30 Flavors
    (endless combinations)
    Herbal Extracts
    Specialty Oils

2. Design Your Container

    .15 oz Standard,
    .25 oz or .56 oz
    13 Cap Colors
    Label Color
    Tube Colors

3. Name Your Balm

Eco-Lips knows each and every woman is beautiful and unique in her own way, which is why they provide over 2 billion options from vegan and cruelty-free bases, to exotic oils like Baobab and Jojoba and luxurious scents of Lavender and Coconut.

My Eco-Lips Custom Balm – Starting at $2.99

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I love lip balm and am always trying new ones. I will make sure to pick this up!


I love chapstick… I have one in every room, around every corner, in every drawer

That lip balm is hilarious… now I need to go find my stash


That is a genius idea. Great gift idea.


I love lip balm too. This is definitely one I will try.

That sounds like fun! I would do that for friends as gifts.


This is awesome, I love when you can customize your own special and unique formula!


That is so cool, especially since you can pick what you want!

Do you have to order a certain amount or can you buy just one tube?


BusyBee – that’s a good question, I wonder if there’s a minimum that you have to buy? I would hope not!

I like the fact you can design your own tube too.


This is a great idea for a gift – such a cool way to put a personal touch.

Yes do you need to order in bulk. I would like to try it before I commit to it!


I would just like to buy one tube.


I love anything eco-friendly. This tube looks great.


Ecofriendly is definitely the way to go these days!


I just placed my order for these. I am excited to get them.

This is a really cool idea, I’d like to get custom lip balm for myself!


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