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Kim Kardashian’s Feet Look Painful!

It feels like I have been picking on Kim Kardashian a lot lately. I really wish this girl would take care of herself. There comes a time when we all have to choose substance or style. This is one of those moments…

Kim has been put under a microscope during her pregnancy. It truly is unfair, but she doesn’t seem to be helping the situation. She had huge issues at The Met Gala, click HERE for more on that, and now she seems to be missing a message from her feet.

I take issue with any shoes that involve transparent plastic-y cuffs, but that is beside the point. Her poor swollen piggies are begging for a break. The flesh is spilling out the top of the heel and then suffocated by an ankle strap.

She is due in July, so she is only going to grow in the next two months. I hope she gets the message that this is not the look and it is not good for your body!



Karine Boies

People should leave her alone. The girl is gonna have a baby. It’s normal to have water retention. Sure comfort should be her priority but whith everything that is being said on her she probably feel’s like shit and maybe it’s one of the reason she acts like she does.


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