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Love It or Lose It: Jennifer Lawrence’s Christian Dior Pant

Jennifer Lawrence’s pants…they…confuse me. I am torn between loving the avant garde factor, but hating the oddity of it. I shake my head and look again and I can’t decide if I love it or want to fix it somehow.

I hate to doubt Dior, but I don’t “get” this latest trend of morphing two different pant styles together. Is it a palazzo pant or a cropped men’s pant?

Miley Cyrus tried the same thing with a pair of sweat pants and baggy jeans. Click HERE for that…

The glasses and belly baring ensemble save it for me. If I cover one eye and look at each half of the look, I love it. I like the volume with lacy top and aviators and I like the cropped pant with the same mixture.

Then I take in the entire look and I can’t decide if I want to warmly embrace the trend or give it a thumbs up and vow to never wear it myself. Of course, I am not the face of Dior! Click HERE for JLaw’s new ads…

I think, after mulling it over, I will “love” the look from afar. She can pull it off, but in the everyday reality of my world I would look ridiculous.

What do you think?



this one is a LOSE IT for sure!

hate, hate, hate they are awful!!

What was she thinking, she has to hire a stylist quick!!!

They look dumb, she should definitely loose them.


Not a fan – it doesn’t suit her.


She normally kills it in everything she wears. This just wasn’t one of those times.

OMG it’s an attack of the 90s. Why are people going back to this decade?

[...] trend. Now, the cropped look seems to be returning with the high rise pant. Jennifer Lawrence turned heads recently when she wore a belly baring top with a Dior [...]


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