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MAC’s ‘Maleficent’ Collection

Disney’s Maleficent has teamed up with MAC to bring you this mysterious new collection.

Maleficent, a darkly diabolical horned beauty with Hepburn eyebrows. She’s the self-proclaimed “Mistress of All Evil”.

MAC’s ‘Maleficent’ Collection

With this line you can recreate Maleficent’s stunning looks yourself, even if you’re not a pro. Because you know, some of us girls wanted to be the villain rather than the princess.

The 11 products cover every beauty base, from eyeshadow and lipstick to powder and polish.

That lipstick is a must-have!

MAC Maleficent Collection

MAC Maleficent Collection - Nail Polish

MAC Maleficent Collection - Lipstick

MAC Maleficent Collection - 4

Being bad never looked so good.

The collection hits shelves this spring to coincide with the film’s premiere, May 30, 2014.

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Wow! This is so cool, plus I am dying to see this movie, Angelina Jolie was the perfect choice to play Maleficent!


This seems so off. Like is the product aimed at grown women?


Yeah, it is a bit strange to aim this at women, looks like a toy.

I’m not a fan of this collection.


It looks fun, but I don’t see myself wearing this.


I think I have that same red lipstick with different MAC packaging.

This is really dark for spring and summer. i know the movie is coming out but it was poor timing.


I would try it for free, but wouldn’t buy it!

They sure are marketing this like crazy, aren’t they.


Some cute items, but nothing I am dying to run out and buy.

It does look like Halloween makeup, not something for women to buy


I don’t know if even the queen of darkness and light, Angelina can sell heavy gothic make-up.


What a random collaboration, not sure if I’d buy this.

I wonder how much of this they will actually sell.

Interesting they are really pushing this movie. The shades of this are a little too dark for me.


The red lipstick looks quite nice, could be worth a try.


I know a girl who wears those contact lenses. They are creepy.

With the move premiering soon they are really pushing as much endorsements as they can.


is anyone going to buy this to check it out?


I have to say I do like that eye-shadow palette.


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