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Makeup Emergency: Office Supplies to the Rescue

We’ve all been there…that night you should have been in bed getting in plenty of rejuvenating rest instead of having just one more drink with a girlfriend going through bad break up. The next morning you hit the snooze repeatedly until you realize that you have 5 minutes to be bright eyed and bushy tailed at work. You are left sneaking to the bathroom to brush your teeth with your fingers, throwing your hair into a tousled bun and doing some emergency makeup. Luckily, there are some office supplies that you can use in your make it work moment.

Scotch Tape – Need to remove last night’s glittery eyeshadow? Use a stripe of Scotch tape to lift makeup off gently.

Business Cards – Use the edge of one of these to guide shadow application and act as a barrier to stop shadow from spreading too far past your eyebrow. Makeup artist Jake Bailey, who is often responsible for Taylor Swift’s looks, holds a card between the lashes and the brow line as he applies mascara to ensure the product makes it to the base of the lash and not just the tips.

Binder Clips – Give yourself a tousled updo. Use a binder clip to secure hair into an easy French twist. Letter openers could also work in a securing a bun.

White-Out – It isn’t just for typos. Fix a chipped French manicure with a swipe of the liquid paper.

Pink Highlighter – Provided you don’t have sensitive skin, you can use a pink highlighter to give yourself a quick glow. Dab some on your finger tip and then gently rub some on the apple of your cheek in circular motions.

Pencil – For a quick brow filler, run the side of your pencil led across your brow in long sweeping motions.

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