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Melissa McCarthy’s Movie Poster Photoshop Failure

The subject of body image is a touchy one. As I have mentioned before, I was brought up in a generation in which we built our base of what is “beautiful” by overexposing ourselves to glossy magazine covers with a model who, despite being groomed, starved and posed under perfect lighting, was still photoshopped into “perfection.” Of course it was an unreachable level, but as a young woman you don’t get that.

Melissa McCarthy is a proud plus sized woman who now commands an audience (and a nice paycheck) with her stellar wit. She has addressed her size before, but it appears the makers of the UK version of her latest movie poster felt she needed to be about 30 pounds lighter to help Sandra Bullock sell their new film, “The Heat.” It’s painfully obvious that her face has been digitally lifted, tucked, nipped and shopped into an almost unrecognizable heroine.

20th Century Fox has yet to make a comment on this disaster of photoshop attempt. They probably won’t and just wait for this to blow over, but it still makes me cringe with disappointment. Did they really think we wouldn’t notice that the star looks nothing like herself? It’s an insult to Melissa and an insult to our intelligence.

Of course, McCarthy isn’t the only one. As Yahoo Shine points out, Keira Knightly and Kate Hudson have both been open about the addition of a larger breasts on their film posters. Both women point out “those aren’t mine!” It’s a common practice that has been going on for years and will continue as long as the theaters are filled.

I would like to say that The Beauty Stop supports a healthy body image. Skinny, curvy, boney or plump as long as your body is healthy…that is what is beautiful.

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That is the worst photoshop … and an awful poster.

i didn’t even notice it was photoshopped until everyone made a big deal.

Wow, they photoshopped out about 50 pounds. Looks dumb.


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