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Messy French Braid

It seems as though the less you care, the prettier the hair and that effortless beauty is definitely in.

Matte, messy waves and undone curls will be big this year. No more perfectly formed, untouched curls. Curls and waves will be messy and lived in (maybe even slept-on?) The same is true for braids, but they will be less intricate and polished. Texture is big in 2014 and the look for braids will be more undone and loose. Think Renaissance style braids and updos.

Messy French Braid

For this look, begin by prepping hair with a texturizing spray like Oribe Dry Texturizing Hair Spray.

Next, weave the French braid as you might usually, but leave the crown area and the braid itself a bit loose. Pull tendrils from the crown to frame your face and run a curling iron through the pieces to create a sexy, undone look.

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Wow, I love this style.


Love how this looks, need to grow my hair a little longer!

I have such a hard time with French Braids. Maybe I just need to practice more


Absolutely gorgeous! I used to wear my hair long and plaited every day when i was a kid. I stupidly got it cut as a teen and have never managed to get it long again ! :(


This is a really cute look, messy and casual while still being stylish!


I think this is such a nice casual hairdo, love it!


These are the only types of braids I know how to do…the messy ones!


I need that t-shirt. So, so cool and rock chic!

That’s so cute! I wish my hair was long enough to pull it off!

WOW I love this braid, I really wish my hair was long enough!

Those bracelets are pretty cool, too.

Absolutely stunning. I have always loved braids.

My hair is the perfect length to try this on.


I really like those bracelets too, Busybee. So cute!


Oh to be young with long hair again.


Very cute braid, looks best with really long hair.

This braid looks extremely cute, I’d like to really try it.


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