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Mischa Barton’s Makeup Disaster

Mischa Barton. Oh honey. No.

I am guessing the goal was to make a statement with her bold red makeup look. It is Fashion Week after-all. Barton showed up to Marc Cain’s runway during Berlin’s Spring/Summer 2014 show. I am all for experimenting with hues, but the application process is what is making me question look. She looks like she applied it in an airplane bathroom…in the dark…during some turbulence.

What happened to Mischa Barton? She used to be super cute in her ‘O.C.’ days and I understand we all grow up, but, if memory serves me correctly, she has had a bumpy ride since she left the show. I will tip my cap to her attempt to rock red shadow, but the application gets a D-.

The brows need attention, the eyeliner needs to be toned down (remove the lower lash liner all together, she needs a matte finishing powder and the shadow needs to stop at the end of her brows instead of extending out like some sort of mask.

Her hairstyle gets much higher marks. I like the tamed volume that is soft and a little messy. He dress is also gets a pass [see it here] even though there is something bridesmaid-y about it.

What do you think?



better her than me!

OMG she looks so old, what a disaster…

that is so bad. Her makeup is messed up, her face is too shiny, it makes her look super old.

Oh GIRL! Get some napkins or something.


Woah, that is bad. I wonder if she did it herself?


She looks horrible!!! What happened to her?


god she’s turned into an ugly piece of trash

Mischa Barton is a beautiful woman but her makeup makes her face looks terrible. Her makeup artist did something awful. Her face looks too oily and her eye shadows did not complement her look at all. Perhaps she did not check her makeup on the mirror before posing for photographers.


Did she do that herself? Yikes!


She looks like a clown.

She looks like a corpse! That is awful!


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