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Nail Art for the Holidays

My sister was famous for long, plastic fingernails a la Lee Press-On Nails when we were growing up. You’d constantly find some giant fingernail painted an electric pink or brilliant red in the most random places. Thankfully, we have all grown up and she now rocks her own nails or acrylics carefully sealed in place.

I envy her dedication to doing things for herself. I try and pack way too much into a day and I am lucky to slap on some boring solid color lacquer on special occasions. I also envy her talent to paint a family portrait on a single nail. Luckily, there are now press on polish strips for those of us that lack the time, patience and talent. Currently, 472 of 538 reviews give them rave reviews. I haven’t personally tried these yet, but I have the feeling a product review is in my future!

Try Salon Effects Real Polish Strips in Lust-Rous. It isn’t just your standard red and green holiday mix. I love the glitter infused look with a black base that reminds of snow and magic in the air on a winter night. If you are more adventurous, Allure has a clever at home version of the sparkle infused mani.

    Step 1: Start by applying two coats of sparkly silver polish (like Nails Inc. nail polish in Electric Avenue).

    Step 2: Draw a broad line of silver polish right next to an equally thick line of gold sparkly polish (like Butter London 3 Free Nail Lacquer in West End Wonderland) on aluminum foil.

    Step 3: Press the flat side of a cosmetics sponge into the two colors so that one half is gold and the other half is silver.

    Step 4: Dab this sponge on the nail with the silver at the base and the gold at the tips. Repeat this on all ten nails and try a second round for added intensity.

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