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Nail It: Laser Inspired Nail Art

Let’s put on our creativity caps kids! Fun and fresh ideas are insanely hot on the MUST ROCK scale.

New tactics are springing out from everywhere: beauty salons, a woman pampering herself at home or at your tween’s slumber party. A few tricks from your average Jo-lene turned the heads of the team at People. One in particular caught my eye.

Laser Show” – The look is fun and breathes new life into the already hot black polish look.

1. Pick two or three bold and bright colors. Give your nail a swipe of each color. Mix it up as you go – try painting 3 vertical swipes on your index finger and then 3 horizontal stripes on your thumb. Also switch up the order in which you paint the colors.

2. After that coat thoroughly dries, cut tip guide strips (usually I have leftover strips from a French Manicure set) into thin pieces. This is the key to a professional look.

3. Secure them over your nail in various positions and put on two coats of your favorite black polish.Finish with a clear coat to seal and protect your work.

Want more ideas for your manicure obsession? Click HERE for The Beauty Stops “Nail It” features…

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