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Nail Polish No No’s

I have reheated my love of painting my nails. Thanks to all the fresh ideas, like THIS one, the possibilities are endless.

However, bad habits seem to have resurfaced along with my renewed interest. Lets go over the Nail Polish No No’s…

*Don’t pick it! – This rule, that is commonly attached to your nose, also holds true for your polish. If it starts to peel or chip you have two options: use more clear top coat polish to save the rest of your mani or take it off. Peeling and picking at the polish will remove the plate (the hard top portion of your nail). Remove layers and you will see cracking and thinning of your nails. This also holds true with removing your acrylics.

*Use non-acetone removers. – When you can, use formulas that do not contain acetone. OPI Acetone-Free Polish Remover is a good choice.

*One way street. – Think of your nail edges as one way street and the file as a car. It should only go in one direction when filing and shaping your nail. Going in both directions will tear the edge of the nails, leading to breakage, snags, and peeling.

*Don’t cut your cuticles. – Cutting your cuticles back can lead to infections and irritations. Your cuticle trimmers should be retired to clipping the occasional hangnail. Instead of clipping, push them back with an orange stick after a shower or a soak in warm water.

*Clean out your stash. – Any polishes you have that are pre-2007 should be trashed ASAP. Back then, polishes contained ingredients like: toluene, formaldehyde resins and dibutyl phthalate. They have been linked to nerve damage (toluene), breast cancer (formaldehyde) and birth defects (dibutyl phthalate). Look at your ingredients labels!

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