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Natural Cough Cures

While perusing my usual news outlets, I stumbled upon an article that suggested that cold medicines can actually extend your illness. I try not to believe everything I read without a valid confirmation so, I had to ask my doctor.

The answer may surprise you… A sinus/cough relief medicine can extend your cold or flu. My doctor, along with many others, have stopped recommending any kind of children’s cold remedies completely. It may seem cruel, but research shows that cold medicines do little, if anything, to treat the colds of young children. The same can hold true for adults. A 2012 review by the Cochrane Collaboration, which looked at many studies done on the effectiveness of over-the-counter cold medication, reported that while antihistamine-analgesic-decongestant combinations provide some help to adults and teenagers, “there is no evidence of effectiveness in young children.”

Your body has a natural system to fight off illnesses. Fevers are your best bug burning fuel. As long as you, or your child are at or under the 102 degree mark it is safe and, in some cases, preferred to let it run its course. The same can hold true with cough medicines.

Your body is trying to rid itself of the buildup of mucus on your lungs which can lead to bigger problems if it hangs around. You need to get that gunk our of your chest. Letting it sit will increase your chances for infections.

While your body typically knows best, it doesn’t help the pain or the interruption of much needed sleep. Here are 3 natural cough cures that are doctor approved…

Honey – The nerves that sense sweetness and those that control coughing are closely related. Honey can soothe soreness and quiet a cough. Add some to a warm cup of water or green tea. You can also take a spoonful straight up to 3 times a day. Honey should NOT be used in children 12 months or younger due to infantile botulism.

Slippery Elm – This herbal wonder works miracles on a dry cough. It protects the sensitive tissues of the mouth and throat. Try a lozenge packed with the antioxidant heavy option.

Steam – Make yourself a cup of team and carefully breathe in the warm vapors. A hot shower will also help the postnasal drip. Add some thyme to a boiling pot of water to increase the benefits of the steam. It is naturally antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral. Gargling with salt water can also dry out that sticky icky.

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I have been telling my mom this for a few years now and she will not believe me. She thinks that cough syrups work. I never use them on my son, who is now 12. In England, we are taught not to use them and to rely on the fever, as you say, to fight off the illness. His coughing has always bothered me more than it bothers him! But I do try to find ways to alleviate his coughing at night. What about humidifiers?


I feel your frustration Kevin. Some people are set in their ways and its hard to believe that something you may have used for years may not be a good idea after all. Humidifiers fall into the steam category. Add some thyme and see how that works!


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