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Oily Skin Issues Solved

All skin is not created equal. I am a canvas oily T Zone with dry lips dotted with patches of normalcy. I was fortunate enough to have average skin in high school, but went into acne overdrive in my late teens/early twenties. College was awesome, but stress didn’t help the issue. Then I had kids and, once again, my skin decided to change course.

The point is hormones can be a cause of your skin issues. Just like cellulite. (Click HERE to read more on causes and removal of cellulite…) Other factors include diet, weather, products, stress and your routine. We can’t control our hormones, but you can control your oil issues.

Don’t stress. Easier said than done, but remember that oil helps keep skin looking younger. Provided you aren’t tempted to pop every pimple and damage your skin with abrasive treatments, you might end up on the winning side. According to a several studies, women with oily skin tend to have less wrinkles!

The most common mistake I see with oily skin is under-moisturizing. It’s a rule with your entire body; if you don’t give it what it needs it will do the job for you. It’s simple…your skin needs moisture. If you don’t moisturize, your skin will produce more oil to compensate and you have made the problem worse. Moisturize. Always. Use a lighter formula free of heavy favorites like shea butter petroleum.

Don’t OD on toner. Stick with using it after removing makeup and focus on your T-Zone. Stick with formulas that contain glycolic acid.

Rice paper, tissues or even toilet paper are your afternoon friend. Blot your face with a light but absorbent paper when you are getting shiny. Again, focus on your T-Zone and just dab. Remember, save some of that oil your skin needs.

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