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Over It: Celebrity Hairstyles That Need to GO

Typically, a celebrity rarely sticks with a style for long. With all the hair extensions, wigs, hairstylists with magic hands and options out there, it’s rare to find a style last more than a few months. They set the style that we love to emulate. It’s like a big sister who tries out a look before you. Sometimes it’s a huge hit and sometimes you are glad you passed on the trend.

However, you have your celebs who start a trend and it just continues to hang on despite the look being (for lack of a better term) tired. Here are 4 styles we’d love to revamp…

Lindsay Lohan’s Busted Mane Extensions, damaged hair and thinning strands thanks to, well, we will blame stress, her hair is in desperate need of a change. She might actually look cute with a pixie cut or a chin length cut. Those still trying to rock her style might do entertain a lighter look. Try giving your scalp a break with a head free of faux.

Jennifer Aniston’s Classic (and Boring) Straight Layer Look It is classic. It is easy. It’s versatile and works for a lot of women. It’s just insanely boring. Predictable and safe. Anything would be after nearly a decade. I believe the last time she changed her look was a cute bob back when ‘Friends’ was still dominating Thursday nights. I’d love to see her rock a deep dark brown hue or even a warm black. Give her a flat bang and you have a refreshed look.

Victoria Beckham’s Stack I cringe every time I hear the word “stack” at my salon. Lady Beckham started a fire with her sharp angular do. It has been translated into every style imaginable. It’s overdone and I am just over it. I also see this do end up being constantly un-styled. If you are a wash n’ go kinda a girl…skip the stack. It requires volume and work to look good.

Demi Moore’s Stick Straight Locks You could probably use her strands a level. The soft and sleek look is a classic style that some achieved with a clothes iron back in the day, but Demi could use a life makeover along with a new do. Try something with body or take a note from your earlier trend setting style a la ‘Ghost.’


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