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Overlooked Aging Factors: Your Hands and Neck Giving Your Age Away

Those pesky wrinkles lurking around your eyes and lips can give away to signs of age. Fillers, collagen and years of slathering on SPF and vitamin C can combat that, but you may be overlooking another fact that will give away your age faster than your driver’s license.

Your neck and hands are two areas that are constantly overlooked when it comes to the average beauty routine. Dark spots, wrinkles and sun damage aren’t bias to just your face. Keep your youth by taking care of your neck and hands. Thanks to the weakening of the collagen and elastin fibers in your delicate skin,

SPF – This is a constant and never changing fact. USE IT!

Cover ‘Em Up – Your hands are constantly doing the dirty work. Cleaning toilets, scrubbing dishes and getting exposed to countless other cleaners and hot water. There is a reason those yellow dish gloves are still around. Whenever you are going to be exposing your hands to grunge work or extreme temps, cover them!

Moisturize – You apply your lotions and potions with the palms of your hands and fingertips, so just make sure you give the tops of your hands some love too. Any body lotion will do, but there are a bounty of other choices focusing on your hands. I like Clinique’s solution has a combo with sunscreen! Try their Even Better Dark Spot Correcting Hand Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 15. For your neck, try Peptides Firm and Lift Beauty Balm.

NO SMOKING – Nicotine reduces vital oxygen blood supply to the skin, causing collagen damage. Once these super sensitive skin tissues have been damaged, there is no undoing it.

If you are already suffering from damage that a better skin care routine cannot undo…don’t get too worried. There are plenty of more drastic options out there that range from sclerotherapy to a fat transfer. Talk with your doctor to find out which treatment they recommend for your situation.

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Great article! You can’t do enough to protect your hands and neck they will always give away your age.


Good tips, thanks!

I constantly worry about my hands…. I know it’s the first place to go!

old is good – young is dumb

Smoking is the worse, I can’t even believe people still do it.

Great article, smoking is definitely a no no… Thanks!


Amazing tips, no one wants zombie hands!

I completely agree!

I always put product on my hands and neck! I see so many women in my industry that take care of the face… but forget the rest


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