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Detox With Glamglow’s Supercleanse Cleanser

Look at the size of this jar!

An accompaniment to the brand’s best-selling Supermud mask, the breakout-fighting cleanser goes on thick, but transforms into a foamy lather when activated with water.

Afterwards, skin feels exceptionally clean and surprisingly (considering foam cleansers can by drying) soft.

Glam Glow Supercleanse

In case you’re unfamiliar with the brand, GLAMGLOW was originally developed for use on film sets, but made its way to regular retail in 2011. All the products are “mud”-based, and use natural ingredients like French sea clay, peppermint, and ground olive that are known for having serious skin-soothing benefits.

For moisture-deprived skin, the brand has also launched Thirstycleanse, which will be followed by Youthcleanse and Powercleanse in the spring. Are you excited for Glamglow’s new line of products?

Glamglow Supercleanse Daily Treatment Cleanser, $39,

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Last Minute Holiday Nail Ideas!

What’s more festive than a little holiday nail art?

Everything is always so pretty during the holiday season and nails should be no exception.

Gold Nails

Hello gorgeous! How awesome are these metallic nails paired with that matte gold jewelry?

Perfect for: New Years or a holiday party

Wear it with: These nails and jewelry would best stand out against a sea of white or cream or anything monochrome. Avoid busy patterns and other metallics. Keep the rest of your jewelry simple. Play up your makeup with a smokey eye and nude lip.

How to get this look: Be sure to keep nails short and rounded. Longer nails would look tacky in gold. TBS recommends getting this look via Nail Rock’s metallic nail wraps ($13).

Matte Nails

Turn your favorite nail color into a matte-finish.

I absolutely fell in love with the matte deep blue-almost-black look. Turns out you can get this look yourself by mattifying your favorite color with Jin Soon’s Matte Maker top coat (about $18).

Perfect for: All year round, but put it over a deep emerald green, rich red or onyx for a chic look at your holiday party.

Wear it with: Everything.

How to get this look: Apply this top coat as a layer over 2 coats of another color.

snowflake nails

Snowflakes for your nails!

Perfect for: Christmas morning

Wear it with: A fluffy cream cashmere sweater, taupe riding pants and knee-high brown boots. Wearing red? It would look great over a red polish base too!

Don’t have time for festive nail art? Paint your nails with sparkling red polish for instant holiday cheer.

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This Holiday Season Make Your Eyes Sparkle!


Metallic or just shimmer eye shadow are perfect for Christmas!

Jouer has triumphed once again with their exquisite Crème Mousse Eyeshadows – in a spectrum of easy-to-wear colors, all housed in decadent glass jars (so you can easily spot the right shade in your make up bag!)

Part subtle, part statement, these shimmer eyeshadows from Jouer will put a twinkle in your eye that makes you the life of the party. Unlike the over-the-top glitter of the past, this new take on metallics is sophisticated, wearable, and it stays put.

Smudge across the eyelid with your fingertips, to elevate your look to holiday fabulous.

Choose from ‘Moonlight’ (shimmering soft gold), ‘Starlight” (pearlescent pink champagne), ‘Dusk’ (soft plum}, ‘Galaxy’ (soft bronze), ‘Night Sky’ (golden slate) and ‘Twilight’ (navy charcoal).

How to use: Apply with fingertips across eyelids. Layer as needed for a more dramatic look.

- 0.18 oz.
- By Jouer; made in the USA.


Jouer – $30

Disclosure: A complimentary sample was sent to The Beauty Stop for this review. No compensation was received and all opinions are that of the author.

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Beyoncé Designs Her Own Nail Art

Beyonce Nail Art

Beyoncé released a set of four nail wraps with NCLA, and they’re a must-have!

Beyoncé has always loved rocking a great set of nails. She wore a gilded set during her 2013 Super Bowl halftime performance, and she even wore orange tips for President Obama’s 2013 inauguration.

The nail art collaboration with LA-based beauty brand NCLA is available on her website and consists of four killer designs based on her self-titled visual album.

No drying time means you can switch your look up as often as Bey, and at only $18 a pop, it’s cheaper than a manicure. Flawless.


Do you love nail wraps?


DIY Berry Lip Stain

Berry Lip Stain

I love a berry lip stain during the holidays. It’s such a versatile color and looks fantastic on all skin tones.

Lip stains are the perfect DIY, because they usually only contain a couple of ingredients, and the colors can be completely customizable.

You’ll of course want to start with fresh berries! For two small tins of balm, I use 2 raspberries and 2 blackberries. If you want a darker color, use 3 blackberries : 1 raspberry. If you want a pinker tone, use 3 raspberries : 1 blackberry.

The second ingredient is coconut oil. You’ll just need one teaspoon – make sure to scoop it out while still somewhat solid.

In a small bowl, smash the berries together and mix in with the coconut oil. It’ll be pretty lumpy, don’t worry!

Next, place your small bowl in the microwave for about 10 seconds until the coconut oil is liquified. Stir it all up real good, and pour through a mesh strainer into small containers to remove the seeds. If you don’t have one, no need to worry your balm will just have some bumps in it!


Place your small containers in the fridge for about 30 minutes to cool the oil again until solid. The juice and the oil will separate, naturally. Simply rub your finger across the top when your ready to use. The warmth from your finger will help the ingredients mix on a top layer and you can apply as liberally as you like!

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Beauty Benefits Of Cucumbers

Benefits of Cucmbers

Because they are 95% water and include vitamin E, cucumbers are perfect for promoting healthy skin. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are ridiculous.

Because of the ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and caffeic acid, the cucumber flushes out excess fluids and junk in your body. You can apply it topically to help sunburns, reduce redness, and inflammation. Also since cucumbers reduce water retention in your skin and tighten collagen, you can use them to reduce the effects of cellulite and wrinkles.

No wonder so many of our beauty products already include cucumbers!

Honestly, a cucumber a day will keep the doctor and the cosmetic surgeon away. Why go under the knife or spend tons of money on product when you can buy the cure-all for less than a buck. So add cucumber to your water, chop one up and throw it in a salad, or smother your face in a few slices. A cucumber face mask sounds delicious. Crazy how one simple green fruit-veggie thing can reverse the signs of aging just like that.

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How To Create The Perfectly Winged Eye


Winged eyeliner can be one of the most desired makeup trends to master, yet the most disastrous to perfectly achieve.

Learning how to get the perfect wing and shape can sometimes be extremely tedious, and make us want to give up trying all together. Being one of the most classic, iconic makeup looks that is still extremely relevant today in the beauty industry, winged eyeliner is definitely worth perfecting until you get it right, even if it takes you a little longer to get there.

1. Start With an Angle: Instead of starting in the corner of the inner eye and working your way up to create the angle you want, why not create the angle first? This can be easily done by drawing an upward line at the end of your eye, usually 1-2 centimeters in length. By creating the upward angle at the beginning, you can then set yourself up for the right shape. Next, start at the top of your angle and slightly slant the liner down-ward towards the lash line, moving it in ever so slowly towards the inner eye. This works almost like a stencil, and you can fill in the gap with your liner until it’s perfectly black.

2. Use an Angled Liner Brush: For most people, liquid liner takes getting used to and practice. If you aren’t confident in using a liquid liner just yet, try using an angled liner brush with a gel liner instead. The brush is a great tool to help guide you to getting the perfect line. Dip the brush in the gel liner and follow step one, slowly shaping your wing and smoothing out the line as you go.

3. Connect the Dots: When using liquid liner, draw tiny dots along the lash line to give you a base for setting up your line. You can “connect the dots”, if you will with the liquid liner to give you a cheat sheet for getting it straight and neat. Use a black eye pencil underneath the lash line to help fill in any gaps, so there’s no spaces or eyelid showing. If you mess up the liquid liner, use your angled liner brush or eyeliner pencil to help smooth it out, until you can use liquid all by itself.

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How To Stop Biting Your Nails!


Biting and picking at your nails is kinda gross. It also is a sure-fire way to make your manicure that was supposed to last all week last only a day. And while it’s a nervous habit that’s certainly on the more innocuous side of the spectrum, it can still affect your health.

Telling a nail biter to stop won’t help. Sheer willpower may also not stop the habit. But there are a few options for nail biters.

1. There are actually products created to stop nail biting. Look for a polish that contains denatonium benzoate, a bitter chemical compound that tastes so bitter and nasty, it discourages biting. Mavala Stop is an excellent option. You paint a tiny bit on your nails. It can also be used to discourage thumb sucking in children. But a little bit goes a long way.

2. Habit Reversal Training is a method that teaches a nail biter to replace one habit with another. It has shown a lot of promise. Read more about this technique on’s Obsessive-Compulsive site.

3. Nail grooming. Keeping nails painted on a regular basis can cut down on nail biting because the biter may stop and consider what they are doing. My friend Deirdre swears a pricey manicure keeps her biting at bay and she suggests the brighter the color the better. After all, if your nails are painted, you won’t be as apt to bite. Especially if you paid for the color.

4. Get fake fingernails. If you have fake nails glued to your real ones, the chances of you biting them off are low.

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