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Secrets To A Perfect Blowout

Secrets To A Perfect Blowout

With the right products, hairbrush and time, you can blowout your hair at home so that it looks like you just walked out of the salon.

A good blowout can last several days. Once you learn how to do it the right way and you take your time, you should be able to keep the look for several days.

Find the best hair dryer

A trustworthy tool makes all the difference. Be sure to do your research and invest in a hair dryer with a positive rep to avoid damage at all costs.

Don’t style wet hair

Make sure your mane is 75% dry before styling to avoid the not-so-chic effects of frizz. To expedite the drying process, comb hair with a vented brush.

Divide hair into sections

For sleek and shiny results, divide your tresses into sections and dry at a downward angle using a round brush.

Hold it together

Seal the deal with your favorite holding spray to assure your masterpiece will stay fresh and voluminous all day.

Make it last

Extend the life of your blowout by freshening up your roots with a dry shampoo. Not only will this trusty product buy you time between washes, you’re bound to get a little volume out of it, too!

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A Lip Palette That Saves Every Bit Of Lipstick

Down to the last bit of your favorite lipstick?

It’s frustrating to get to the end of your lipstick, only to see a large chunk of it remaining at the bottom of the packaging.

With these tips you can reduce waste and save money too!

A Lip Palette That Saves Every Bit Of Lipstick

- Scoop out the end of the tubes and put them in a pill case, the one with the days of the week individually capped.

- Use the microwave and nuke them until they melt.

- With a lip brush and you now have 7 lipsticks to go!

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MAC’s ‘Maleficent’ Collection

Disney’s Maleficent has teamed up with MAC to bring you this mysterious new collection.

Maleficent, a darkly diabolical horned beauty with Hepburn eyebrows. She’s the self-proclaimed “Mistress of All Evil”.

MAC’s ‘Maleficent’ Collection

With this line you can recreate Maleficent’s stunning looks yourself, even if you’re not a pro. Because you know, some of us girls wanted to be the villain rather than the princess.

The 11 products cover every beauty base, from eyeshadow and lipstick to powder and polish.

That lipstick is a must-have!

MAC Maleficent Collection

MAC Maleficent Collection - Nail Polish

MAC Maleficent Collection - Lipstick

MAC Maleficent Collection - 4

Being bad never looked so good.

The collection hits shelves this spring to coincide with the film’s premiere, May 30, 2014.

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Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

One of your most important features is your eyes!

If you’ve ever seen photos of celebrities without makeup, you know what a difference eye liner, mascara and eye shadows can make.

Want to make your eyes look bigger and brighter? Try these expert tips to make your pretty eyes really pop.

Even out skin tone -

Dark circles can make your eyes appear smaller. The right concealer can work double—even triple—duty on darkness and discoloration. It can also illuminate the entire eye area and draw attention to darker lashes. Choose a shade that’s slightly lighter and warmer than your skin to brighten and correct any blue or purple tones.

Curl your lashes -

Every woman owns an eyelash curler. Most of us forget to use it! You’ll regret never spending that extra 20 seconds to curl your lashes. It can immediately make your eyes appear wider and more open.

Apply mascara -

Did we mention mascara? Apply a lengthening formula, like Tom Ford Extreme Mascara, along the upper and lower lashes to create wide, doe eyes, and then brush a thickening coat over the top for even flirtier, more battable lashes.

Eyeliner –

To enhance your lashes (notice a trend here?) and frame your eyes, apply a super skinny strip of black liquid liner along the base of your upper lashes. Felt-tipped options, like Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Marc’er Precision Pen, deposit rich, inky color while providing control and precision.

Add white eyeliner in the inner and outer corners of the eyes. That really helps to make the eye look bigger and brighter.

Define your crease -

Putting a medium brown eye shadow in the crease is always good. To avoid looking like a 90210 star, use a fluffy brush to sweep a matte formula in an arc from the outer corners all the way to the centers of the eyes.

Highlight -

There’s a reason that even in #nofilter selfies, models seem incapable of taking a bad picture. They know how to find the light or at least fake it. A pearly eye shadow or highlighter dabbed on the centers of the lids, underneath the brow bones, and on the inner corners makes eyes look lifted and awake.

Mind your brows –

Groomed arched eyebrows create a flattering frame for the eyes. And anything that accentuates the eyes is going to make them appear larger.


How Often Should I Shampoo My Hair?

How Often Should I Shampoo My Hair

You may be washing your hair more often than you need to.

Chances are you can stand to lather up a little less. There is absolutely no need to shampoo your hair every day. No one is that dirty.

Stylists and dermatologists agree that on average, people shampoo their hair too much. But before you rework your whole week’s shower schedule, keep in mind that the most important factor is your hair type.

    Fine, oily hair: If you have that fine, oily hair type, you’re going to need a deep cleansing shampoo that’s made for oily hair. You can alternate it with a volumizing shampoo to give your fine hair a lift.

    Fine, dry hair: Fine, dry hair needs plenty of refreshment. Try a shampoo with lots of moisturizing properties followed by a good conditioner. Don’t wash it every day, since frequent washing will strip out moisture and make your hair even drier. In fact, shampooing three to four times a week should be perfect for you.

    Curly hair: Curly hair naturally lacks moisture, so let yours soak up plenty of moisturizing shampoo and conditioner – you’ll be thankful when your curls are stronger and don’t frizz!

    Coarse, thick hair: Coarse hair needs plenty of moisture. Try using a smoothing shampoo that will add moisture while also sealing the hair cuticle (to prevent that moisture from escaping).

    Color-treated hair: Color-treated hair needs a bit more attention than standard hair types. You want to lock in the color molecules as long as possible, and a normal shampoo won’t help out. In fact, it will strip out your color.

Changing your shampoo every six months can make your hair feel and style differently. This can be due to the buildup that results from using styling products.

Brushing at night with an all-natural boar brush also prolongs the style.

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Official Game of Thrones Jewelry Collection

With the highly anticipated fourth season of Game of Thrones just around the corner, fans of the hit series have double cause for celebration this month thanks to a new jewelry collaboration between HBO and Pyrrha.

The official Pyrrha for Game of Thrones collection launches April 4th and features unisex talisman necklaces and rings handcrafted from sterling silver and bronze. Each talisman features Pyrrha’s unique interpretation of the sigils of the powerful houses of Westeros – Targaryen, Stark, Baratheon, Tyrell, Lannister and Greyjoy.

Official Game of Thrones Jewelry Collection

These wearable conversation pieces will allow devotees a fashionable way to incorporate their love of the show, and allegiance to their favorite house, into their daily lives.

“We were thrilled when HBO approached us to create an official Game of Thrones jewelry line,” said Pyrrha designer Wade Papin.” While designing the pieces, we felt it was important to embrace the spirit of this groundbreaking series while still retaining the signature Pyrrha style.”

Already a firm favorite in Hollywood circles, Pyrrha is a jewelry line best known for its quality, highly personal talismans handcrafted from antique wax seals.

“The historically inspired aesthetic of Pyrrha’s work made them a perfect match for a Game of Thrones jewelry line,” said Jeff Peters, Manager of Global Licensing for HBO. “Fans of the show will be very excited to represent their favorite noble houses with these expertly crafted pieces.”

The range will be available at the HBO Shop (, Pyrrha online ( and select Pyrrha retailers starting April 4th. Prices range from $98 – $900. (Talismans as shown retail for $226)


Fix Your Split Ends!

Fix Your Split Ends

Nobody likes split ends!

In the beauty world, “split ends” is a four-letter word (even though it’s obviously not).

Split ends are caused by damage done by: blow dryers, curling irons, straightening irons and hair coloring products.

If you are frustrated that your expensive product is seemingly not doing the trick, instead take a closer look at how you handle your hair during your daily styling routine.

Use a wide-tooth comb: After you apply conditioner in the shower, slowly run a wide-tooth comb through hair until all the tangles are out. This prevents the snaps and breakage you can incur when you try to brush out hair that is roughed up from a towel-dry.

Mind your heat tools: That bargain-bin blow-dryer may be a tempting purchase, but inexpensive tools tend to dangerously overheat over time and burn ends into splits. Instead, use a top-rated economical brand like Remington Style Therapy: Keratin Therapy Hair Dryer, or invest in a professional-grade dryer like FHI Black Diamond Ceramic Digital Hair Dryer.

Go gentle: Use only covered elastics with no metal piece, like those made by Goody to tie hair into a ponytail. If looking for a sleek look, rely on products like gel and finishing spray to create a smooth finish, instead of pulling hair too tightly to achieve it alone.

Take folic acid and biotin: There’s a reason they say you are what you eat. Nutrients literally build the proteins that make up your hair strands. Two B vitamins in particular — folic acid and biotin — have been shown to supplement hair health, length and thickness.

Use leave-in conditioner: Conditioners that you rinse out in the shower will do little to nothing for split ends, but a leave-in conditioner will add extra protection that stays on strands as you heat-style and go about your day. Consider Pureology’s Essential Repair Split End Correcting Treatment, which you apply after every wash on towel-dried hair for best results.

Blow-dry the right way: Always use a nozzle on your dryer to control and direct the flow of air, and dry hair in a downward direction before sectioning off and drying completely with a round brush. This way, you spend far less time with intense heat straight on the hair.

Limit damaging services: There’s unfortunately no way around it — treatments like hair color, highlights, straightening and perms all cause trauma that can result in a bevy of split ends, says Abramite. Try to limit service to just one major hair concern, and refrain from washing strands for at least 48 hours afterward, when they’re most porous and likely to break and split. Not only will hair health improve after you go on a chemical-service diet, but your wallet will thank you.

Get regular cuts: While a haircut is the only way to get rid of split ends, regular trims are your best protection against them. The longer you wait to trim, the greater chance you have of split ends worsening and traveling up the shaft. It may sound counter-intuitive, but this is why it’s actually best to get frequent trims if you’re trying to grow longer, healthier hair.

Goodbye split ends, hello beautiful healthy hair!

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Kat Von D Shares Her Beauty Tips (Photo)

Kat Von D Shares Her Beauty Tips

Kat Von D is known for lots of tattoos, pin up makeup and a line of beauty products at Sephora.

She has some of the most impressive makeup looks, and she’s about to share them with you.

Kat made the announcement via Instagram saying, “Just finished filming my BEST makeup-tutorials yet! Can’t wait to share them with you all.”

Kat Von D’s makeup collection exemplifies the fusion of glamorous, old Hollywood and edgy rock ‘n’ roll.

Kat’s distinct style and flawlessly crafted face reveals that she is as masterful with a makeup brush as she is with a tattoo machine. Her passion for makeup and self-expression is inked into every product she creates, from the romantic, soulful designs to the rich, highly pigmented and long-lasting formulations.

Happy Birthday, Kat!