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Skincare – Reduce Large Pores

Keeping Skin Fresh

Remember hearing that splashing cold water on your face will reduce pores? Turns out they were lying. One’s pores don’t open and close like the mouth of a guppy.

We all have pores, but those of us with oily or combination skin end up having more obvious pores.

You can’t shrink your pores, but you can diminish the signs of them by keeping them clean of bacteria and debris and filling them in with primer.

Foundation Primer

Primers fill in the small cracks and holes on the surface of skin creating a smooth surface for your foundation or tinted moisturizer to glide over.

Salicylic Acid Cleansers

Salicylic acid is great for acne-prone skin because it works by dissolving the dead skin cells that collect in pores. But even if you don’t suffer from breakouts, a good salicylic acid cleanser will keep your pores cleaner and therefore, less obvious.

Prescription Retinoid Creams

I have been a fan of retinoids (such as Retin-A and Renova). They work by naturally exfoliating the skin and increasing cell production, both of which inevitably minimizes the appearance of pores.

The problem is, the best retinoids come in prescription form and that can be expensive (around $150). Your insurance won’t cover it and doctors may not be up for writing the script. You can buy them over-the-counter in other countries for about $25.

Chemical Peel

A good facial will cleanse your pores, which, if you’ve read this far, you know will make them appear smaller. Opt for a chemical peel and extractions. Both are miracle workers for clogged and obvious pores.

Don’t Pick!

When your pores are clogged, there is nothing harder to fight off than the desire to pick and poke and prod. Just don’t!


Get Amazing Eyelashes


Every woman wants thick, mile-long beautiful eyelashes.

Not since the days of Sophia Loren and Faye Dunaway has it been so essential to sport lashes that create a strong breeze with a wink.

Eyelash Curlers & a Great Mascara

I would try this option before the ones below to see if you like the results. Simply use an eyelash curler paired with a thickening mascara for great results.

Always curl your lashes before applying mascara. For added effect, blast hot air for 3 seconds on your curler with a blowdryer. Test with your finger before latching onto your lashes. Follow with several coats of a thickening mascara (I like Lancome).

False Eyelashes

You can buy individual lashes or eyelash strips at any drugstore. They’re cheap, efficient and will last you an evening. The cons: they aren’t as professional-looking as your other options and they tend to fall off as the day/evening progresses.

Eyelash Lengtheners in a Bottle

I have a few friends who swear by Latisse, which is an eyelash lengthener that you place at the lash line to make your lashes grow. There are other products, but Latisse is the most popular one.

The effects are long-term, they truly work and with proper use you will have longer, more lush lashes. The cons are that putting a product on your eyelash line is a bit creepy when you consider the warnings that it “may cause your eye color to change.”

Have no fear, apparently this only happened to one person and the company now has to include a warning. Just don’t put this in your eye. Put it at the lash line.

False Lashes Applied in a Salon

My friends with eyelash extensions look absolutely amazing so I highly recommend them. Larger cities boast salons dedicated to eyelash extensions. These are individually applied and last about 3-4 weeks.

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Has Your Makeup Expired?

Makeup Expiration Date

You probably don’t think about beauty products going bad like milk, but things like mascara and even nail polish have expiration dates.

While using old foundation won’t make you sick, it could cause break-outs or irritation. Here’s three signs your makeup has expired.

The Texture Has Changed:

Have you ever gone to use a foundation or liquid makeup and noticed that is completely separated, or the texture has changed? A great way to discern whether or not a product has gone bad is simply by looking at its texture. What once was smooth and silky, is now thick, gooey, or really thin and runny. This will happen most with liquid products, and if your makeup shows any of these signs, it’s definitely a green light to toss in the garbage.

It Smells Funky:

If your makeup has a strange odor to it, it’s a tell-tale sign that it’s way past its expiration date and needs to be thrown out. Smell is least likely to happen with eyeshadows or powder products, and most likely to happen with liquid or cream products such as lipsticks. If your lip glosses get a strong alcohol smell, or waxy smelling fragrance like a box of crayons, you definitely need to get rid of them! Smells are commonly caused by ingredients going rancid, making it the last thing that you want to put on your face.

Your Skin Reacts:

If you have been using certain products for a while, and all of a sudden your skin starts reacting to them, definitely take inventory of what might be causing the reaction. To have sensitive skin and react to something is much different than reacting to a product that is past its expiration date. If you are someone who has fairly sensitive skin, you can gauge a reaction quickly within the first 24 hours of using it. Reactions from products that have gone bad usually occur months after, sometimes making it confusing to know exactly what you’re reacting to.

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Beauty Rules You Should Break!

Beauty Rules You Should Break

You’ve heard it all before… but that doesn’t mean it’s true.

I’m not a huge fan of rules. In fact, I’m always looking for reasons to break them. So here’s a list of beauty rules and why you should break them.

Never Wear Your Long Hair After 40
This is my favorite rule breaker. There is absolutely no reason you should cut off your hair after a certain age. It is true that as we age, our hair becomes more brittle and won’t grow as long or as lush as it did when we were younger. If your hair is in great shape and suits your face shape, then wear it any length you want.

Never Pluck Hairs Above Your Brows
There’s an old wives tale that one is never supposed to pluck the hair above the brow. Nonsense. Pluck away. If you don’t, your brows simply won’t look as clean and polished as they could be. Go to any brow expert and they’ll clean you up above and below and you will see for yourself how much better you look.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day
You’ve probably heard that it’s bad for your hair to wash it every day and if you can make it a few days, your oily hair actually stops looking oily, but I don’t really believe it. These days shampoos are formulated to be used daily. What will harm your hair, however, are heated styling tools. Give your hair a break from these if you can by allowing your hair to air dry for a long as possible or letting your natural texture go.

Never Let Your Roots Show
One of the biggest beauty rules over the years is to never let your roots show. It’s both a sign of a possible pregnancy (you’re not supposed to dye hair in the first trimester of pregnancy) and a sign of laziness. But “ombré hair” — where there are gradient shades of color — is actually very trendy at the moment and the rumor is ombré became popular because so many women were waiting many months to get their hair colored and liked the results.

Your Manicure Should Always Match Your Pedicure
There’s no reason your fingers and toes should be matchy-matchy. In fact, it’s quite the trend these days to have entirely different color schemes going on for the hands and the feet.

Redheads Should Avoid Red Lipstick
I don’t know where this rule came from, but it’s absolutely ridiculous. One can look no further than Mad Men to discover that redheads look marvelous in red lipstick.

Always Put Mascara on Your Bottom Lashes
I have never, ever put mascara on my bottom lashes. This is up to you, a personal choice. I don’t like the way my bottom lashes look with mascara on them. I feel that my eyes look bigger without it.

Braided Hair Doesn’t Belong on Women Over Age 30
Elle MacPherson was recently seen rocking braided hair at age 50. There’s no reason you can’t wear a braid over age 25 if you feel it looks good. Go for it. And ignore your daughter who’s probably rolling her eyes at you right now.


DIY Honey & Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

DIY Honey  Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

One of my absolute musts is making sure my lips are soft, flake-free and lipstick ready.

I’ve always had a problem with dry lips. Then I recently started to exfoliate my lips twice a week and what a difference it’s made! My exfoliated lips are able to absorb the moisture from the lip balm so much better than before.

In other words, exfoliation not only help soften your lips, it also helps your lip balm to work better!

How to Make a Honey & Brown Sugar Lip Scrub:

• Place about a pencil eraser-sized dollop of honey in your palm.
• Add to the honey a pinch of brown sugar.
• Mix them together in your palm with your finger. Add a drop of water if mixture is too gooey.
• Apply mixture to lips, rubbing the mixture into lips in a circular motion.

Bonus? It’s sweet enough to eat!

You can even stir in a tiny pinch of cayenne pepper for a bonus plumping effect.

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Secrets to Super Soft Shiny Hair

Secrets to Super Soft Shiny Hair

You know how it is; you leave the hair salon after a blowout and you just can’t stop touching your hair. It’s soft, shiny, and full of body. What kind of sorcery is your stylist using to get your hair to feel like that?

It all starts with a really good shampoo. If you haven’t used a clarifying shampoo in a while, it may be time to rid your hair of all the products and gunk that your hair collects.

Make sure you condition your hair. I cringe when people that tell me that they aren’t using conditioner. Trust me, your hair and your scalp’s appearance and overall health greatly depend on the use of the right conditioner.

Now that you’ve figured out how to wash and condition your hair like a real professional, you need to use product. Really and seriously, your stylist is getting your hair to feel awesome by using more than one product on your hair. Of course everyone’s hair needs a different product combination and we’d be here all day if we tried to cover that, but I’m a pretty firm believer that the vast majority of people can get a great blowout with three products:

1. Hair Oil
2. Frizz Reducing/Smoothing Serum
3. Blowdry Spray

I use this exact combination of products and always get impressive results. The exact products and brands can vary by hair type, personal preference, and availability. If you love the way your hair feels after your stylist is done with your hair, ask her what she’s using to make your hair feel that way.

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LORAC Cosmetics: Mother’s Day Collection

This Mother’s Day, give the gift of beauty with LORAC Cosmetics!

Mother’s Day is coming and if you’re a stylish mom, or you know a stylish mom, this collection will make the perfect addition to anyone’s beauty arsenal!

LORAC Cosmetics - Mother's Day Collection

Typically retailing for a value of $98, the LORAC Mother’s Day Collection encompasses several best-selling, cult favorites for only $32!

Collection Contains:

• (NEW) Alter Ego Lipstick: This lipstick coats lips in highly-pigmented color with an opaque, matte finish. The ultra-rich formula contains anti-aging antioxidants such as Acai Berry, Pomegranate, Grape Seed Extract, and Vitamins C and E.

• Cobra Mascara: Mesmerize and hypnotize with LORAC Cobra Mascara. Apply the curling, lengthening and volumizing formula with a custom Cobra head wand to create dramatic, build able volume and length for the longest, thickest, blackest smudge and flake proof lashes ever!

• Lip Lustre: Amp up your look with Lip Lustre Gloss. This glimmering, glam gloss is paraben-free, super hydrating and infused with antioxidants of Acai Berry, Pomegranate, Grape Seed and Vitamins A, C & E.

• PRO Powder Cheek Stain: Get an instant flush of long-lasting, natural-looking color with this innovative, 12-hour-long-wear powder blush. This fragrance-free/paraben-free powder stain is easy-to-use and applies super smooth for color that lasts.

• Superstar Baked Eye Shadow Trio: Easily create Red Carpet smokey eyes with LORAC’s color-coordinating shades of shimmering baked eye shadow trio. Baked on terra cotta to create a silky-smooth unique texture, the highly pigmented, long-lasting shades are designed to be applied either wet, for a more dramatic, smokey eye makeup look, or dry for a natural eye makeup look.

LORAC Mother’s Day Collection is available for purchase through May 11, 2014 at

Follow LORAC Cosmetics via Social Channels:

• Instagram: @loraccosmetics
• Facebook:
• Twitter: @LORAC_Cosmetics

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Adele, Cara Delevingne, Gwyneth Paltrow, And More Design Fendi Bags For Charity

In celebration of the opening of its New Bond Street store in London, Fendi has pulled in some of the most fabulous women in the world to personalize one of the brand’s most iconic pieces, the Peekaboo handbag.

Adele Cara Delevingne Gwyneth Paltrow And More Design Fendi Bags For Charity

Adele, Tracey Emin, Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomie Harris, Cara Delevingne, Jerry Hall, Georgia-May Jagger, architect Zaha Hadid, fashion illustrator Tanya Ling and journalist Kate Adie have all designed a bag.


The customized bags will be on display in Fendi’s new flagship store and will be auctioned in support of London and Bristol-based children’s charity Kids Company.

The online auction will close on Friday, May 30th at 6pm.