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Pain in the Wax Prevention

Pain free bikini waxes are up there with unicorns and calorie free cupcakes. Swimsuit season is creeping up quickly despite the fact that it snowed here yesterday. (Go home winter…you’re drunk!)

To prep yourself for showing off a little skin, you might be entertaining the idea of a bikini wax. My first wax was an at home job and it ended up with a lot of tears and a big ol’ bottle of wine. Hot wax, ripping of hair and the average cost of a professional job stings. A lot. Fear not, there are steps you can take to combat both the pain in the wax and your wallet.

*If you are a newbie or just want to save some cash, go to a profession at least once or twice and ask questions, take notes and observe. Learn. Take these techniques home with you for future DIY treatments. At home waxes don’t have to be messy or ineffective.

*The day before you are going to wax make sure you exfoliate. This will remove dead skin and allow the wax to grip shorter hairs.

*Wax after your period. Your pain threshold is higher in the week after your period thanks to the hormones.

*Use a hard wax versus a soft wax. It sounds crazy, but hard wax is gentler than soft wax.

*Take an over the counter pain reliever like Advil 1 hour before your going under the wax.

*Distraction is key. Find something to think about, do or focus on other than the fact you have hot wax on your lady bits.

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Bikini wax line is a sensitive area so one should use hot wax rather than cold.go for the bikini wax first and then try brazialin.


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