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Pamper yourself with the Fresh Rice Sake Bath

I just got finished moving and, sadly, it’s as terrible as I remember it being. What made it even more terrible, however, was the fact that I had the brilliant idea to move in the middle of July in Georgia, where the heat is beyond scorching and the humidity is near 100% every day. By the end, not only did I not feel particularly human, but I smelled pretty terrible.

Luckily, a friend of mine had bought me the Fresh Rice Sake Bath as a parting gift to enjoy at my new abode. After everything was unloaded from the truck, the only thing I could think about was getting into a nice, relaxing bath to soothe my tired body and exhausted psyche.

This stuff did just the trick – it’s super moisturizing and the scent isn’t too cloying. It made my bath feel absolutely luxurious and spa-like, even if I knew that I had plenty of unpacking work ahead of me. I only wish that the price was lower so I could continue to enjoy it on a regular basis. As it is, I’m going to make my bottle last as long as possible.

Sephora, $80.

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