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Perfect Red Lips for Your Skin Type

I am personally waging a constant war with my lips. My fair hue with red tones combined with whatever celebrity look I am trying always turns out looking like a 5 year old who got into mommy’s makeup. The color will appear too bright or too bold. Despite delicate application, it appears heavy and obvious.

The problem isn’t in my lining prowess…it’s my skin tone. That bright red may look great on Gwen Stefani, but my mousy brown hair, blue eyes and red tones don’t fit. So, I have found 3 lipsticks that will deliver a voluptuous red lip for the three basic skin tones.

DarkThink Angela Bassett – Try a neutral, matte shade that will play well with warm tones then layer a creamy color over it. Try starting with NARS semi-matte lipstick in ‘Red Lizzard’ and follow with MAC lipstick in ‘Ruby Woo.’

MediumThink Ashley Greene – Go for warm. You lucky devils can pull off orange based shades with ease. Try Lancome’s Rouge in ‘Love No.146.’

FairThink Lily Collins – This is my realm. Favor reds with cool, blue undertones. Start with a deep berry gloss or just one coat of a satin finish lipstick. Tom Ford’s ‘Black Orchid’ lip color will do the trick!

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ok, I LOVE red lips, black eyeliner and black mascara, and maybe a cream wash on my lids. Never blush, I blush enough not to need it. I have dirty blonde hair, blue,green,and brown eyes (not kidding) I have fair/medium skin. I burn then it turns into an awesome tan. My absolute FAV is OPI I’m not really a waitress lipstick (and polish) any idea if this is a proper color, or should I keep rockin it cuz i love it and feel sexy in it?


Wear whatever you feel good in for sure! Some skin tones are a mixture of cool and warm. Since your hair is a dirty blonde and your eyes are a mixture of colors…you are one of the lucky few who can pull off a multitude of colors. Go for it! =)

I have a drawer full of red lipsticks that just aren’t quite right.


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