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Perfumes Attraction Power

Red lipstick, sky high heels, push-up bras and sultry smokey eyes are just a few things we do to pump up our power of attraction. Many of us focus on the visuals and forget about the most enigmatic power of attraction we might possess. The power of smell.

My realtor always told me to light a vanilla candle an hour before a showing and stated, “If they can smell it, we will sell it.” Indeed, I noticed that the smell of house played a factor in my home hunting. For humans, we are naturally hard wired to respond to aromatic stimulus. Aphrodisiacs aren’t anything new and fragrance companies have been cashing on wearable pheromones that promise to boost your prowess.

Some might believe it is all hokum. It might be more of psychological factor. If you are wearing a pheromone and feel more confident, it could increase your confidence and nothing is sexier than confidence. (Note that I said “confidence” not cockiness.) Others argue that the smell can trigger emotional responses. Just like when you smell cookies, you get hungry or perhaps recall your mother making baked goods to welcome you home from school. Hence, the vanilla candles playing the part of selling my house in 1 showing.

Studies have shown that various scents trigger different responses…

Floral – These sweet scents create a feeling of languor and relaxation. They often all into the category of narcotic-intoxicating. They are some of the most powerful attention grabbers, but be careful. Too much and you can cause headaches and nausea.

Musk – These heavier scents are suggestive of natural body scents. This will be the closest effect to reproducing pheromones. They tend to have an arousing effect.

Citrus – These refreshing scents can also include mint and camphor. They stimulate, awaken, and cause feelings of physical well-being.

Vanilla – These smells usually trigger an association with food. They always say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Caramels, sweet scents and anything food associated can ignite a hunger.

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