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Permed Eyelashes ?!

Yes. This is a real thing. It has actually been around for years, but it is gaining momentum as a trend.

It’s not a common offering at salons and there may be a good reason why. Here is a breakdown of what eyelash perms are all about…

How To Perm Eyelashes

As crazy as it sounds, lashes are coated with a special glue and wrapped around mini foam rollers. (Some places offer tiny heated clips too.) As you squeeze your eyes shut, a chemical solution is painted onto your lashes. A plastic wrap is then applied to seal in the chemicals for a soak. After the wait, usually around 5 minutes, the plastic is removed and a neutralizing solution is then applied. Another soak in plastic wrap and your done.

The Cons of Eyelash Perms

The average life cycle of lashes is about 60 to 120 days. When exposed to the chemicals, it weakens the lashes and could lead to more breakage. This means as your lashes naturally grow and fall out, the effects of the perm will diminish. On top of the short life span, it will cost you around $30-$75 per perm. I also want to stress that the lash perming solution has not been approved by the FDA. If the solution gets into your eyes, it will cause (at least) severe irritation and (at most) blindness.

The Pros of Eyelash Perms

You can retire your eyelash curler.

Bottom Line

While I don’t recommend this procedure, I will bed you to please seek a trained professional if you feel you must try this. Ask LOTS of questions and request references.

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