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Product Review: Carol’s Daughter’s New Lavender and Vanilla Collection

My top 5 favorite scents are vanilla, lemon, lavender, clean linen and lilac. Carol’s Daughter has combined two of those into a new collection that will envelope the senses in a scent that combines the light floral perfume of lavender and the warm call of vanilla.

The Promise: SHEA SOUFFLÉ ($13): This luxurious moisturizer conditions skin with lush, nourishing natural butters and oils. Cocoa and Pure Shea Butters combine with Coconut and Grapeseed oils to deeply hydrate parched skin while providing antioxidant protection, improving firmness and tone.

As light and fluffy as a soufflé, the formula provides intense, penetrating moisture.

The Verdict: It is like whipped cream for the skin. It’s heavy enough to penetrate in to my post-sunburned skin, but light as air. The smell is intriguing without being over-powering. A little goes a long way and I love when products show their quality when you don’t need to smear on copious amounts.

It isn’t greasy and absorbs very quickly. It’s love!

The Promise: DRY OIL MIST ($21): This lightweight moisturizing body spray is formulated with Shea Butter, Aloe Leaf Juice and Açai Berry Extract to infuse skin with a natural glow and protecting against environmental aggressors, leaving behind a light scent. The super-fine mist allows for a quick and easy application anywhere, any time.

The Verdict: Dry oils are everywhere. From your hair to you toes, there is a mist for everything. I used it my legs which are peeling post burn. (I know…I need to practice my SPF preachings!) It was soothing and managed to let my skin breathe. I think that is a quality that is vastly underrated when it comes to oils. I wouldn’t use this on my hair as it is so fine and thin that it weighed it down, but a squirt on my wrists and rubbed behind my ears was perfect. The scent was equally as intoxicating. What surprised me the most was actually a happy accident. While on vacation, I forgot to pack some shaving cream. I used the oil and found it actually did an amazing job! Hydration plus a smooth finish.

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