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Product Review: Mane Teeze Hair Perfume

As promised in The Beauty Stop’s feature on Mane Teeze Hair Perfume, we tried the products so you can get the details from a real person.

Here is a brief recap of the newest innovation in hair styling…

These hair perfumes contain a higher concentrate than average perfumes, but are much gentler for use on the hair. The long lasting fresh scent is noticeable for up to 12 hours and even helps to extend the life of a blow dry. Only a couple of spritzes provide all-over coverage without leaving a greasy consistency or drying out hair.

The hair perfume line is comprised of 3 long-lasting scents:

Black Widow: This husky fog of luxury contains enchanting undertones of dark amber for a smoky, intoxicating scent. This aroma has bite that will leave everyone wanting more.

Social Butterfly: Sweet, soft vanilla infused luxury. This delicious hair fragrance matches a busy, bubbly life.

Haut Mess: This luscious mix of chocolate, caramel, and dessert-like scents engulf hair. Three sprays of this decadent hair perfume will sweeten any mood.

The line started with Tara McIntrye and Melanie Groom. They are the minds that brought us blo Blow Dry Bar. The women noticed their product offerings were missing something. In 2012, they filled that need with Mane Teeze. The hair perfume sold out in the first 6 months of launching, but it is back and thriving. You can find it in select salons and online at

THE REAL DEAL: I love concept. When I was first introduced to the creation my initial reaction was instant gratuity. I have sprayed my hair with perfumes, but the alcohol laden spritzes were so damaging. This is an answer for keeping your hair safe while smelling like sexy cake.

I sampled ‘Haut Mess’ and enjoyed the bakery aroma. The perfumes boast scents that last at least 12 hours. For me, it lasted almost twice that long. I gave two generous sprays to my styled do before heading out the door. I woke up the next morning still smelling like dessert. The beauty of these sprays is that they can replace your normal perfumes. In fact, I highly recommend using these babies solo.

PROS: Long Lasting, scents are delicious, no hair damage, extends the life of your style, masks other unwanted scents (cigarette smoke, cooking, post workout odors).

CONS: I haven’t found one!


Disclaimer: The Beauty Stop received no compensation for the review of Mane Teeze Hair Perfume. Any and all opinions expressed are those of The Beauty Stop.

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