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Product Reviews

The Beauty Stop welcomes product review requests and offers that are in the best interest of our readers. We reserve the right to dedicate our posts about topics/products relevant to our readers.

Having said the above, please follow the instructions below to request a product review and be considered.

  • 1. Use the ‘Submit Product‘ link, or email us at with an applicable subject – please!

  • 2. Submit a sample product to the address that will be indicated in our response to your email. Why a sample? In order to do an objective review, we must see, touch and test the product.

  • 3. The product sample will be returned to you upon your request.

We will not accept compensation for performing a product review. Any attempt against this particular stipulation will be denied, and the product review will be disqualified.

We welcome product review offers and requests, and we sincerely believe you will find that The Beauty Stop is an effective way to market your product.

Thanks for reading!