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Really Bad Celebrity Hair

Despite having access to the best tress experts in the world, stars are not immune to experiencing a truly awful hair moment.

These celebs’ major hair malfunctions will make you wonder what they did to piss off their stylists, if they even have one.

Christina Aguilera has sported a lot of questionable hairstyles over the years — from multicolored highlights to crazy cornrows — but her current bleached-blond bob loses major points for lack of originality since it’s pretty much a rip-off of Lady Gaga‘s signature style. And just like lace face masks and circle lenses, there are certain things only Gaga can get away with.

Technically, Britney Spears‘ worst hair moment of all time was when she decided that she didn’t need any and shaved her head. Sadly, things don’t seem to have improved much since her hair has grown back. The pop star constantly steps out with ratty extensions that make her look like she has the mange.

At first we thought that Mena Suvari was wearing some kind of strange hat, but after a closer look, we can confirm that the thing sitting on her head is indeed her hair. And the worst part: The updo is French braided up the back, prom-style. That’s two major hair offenses rolled into one horrifying look.

It’s hard to believe that there was a time when we totally coveted Mischa Barton‘s mane. Those sun-kissed highlights! Those glossy waves! If the O.C.’s Marissa Cooper, could see the star now, we’re certain that she would like, totally barf, over these fake-looking, Barbie-esque extensions.

When Kelly Osbourne first dyed her hair lavender we actually thought it looked kind of cool. But now that the color is more gray than purple (not to mention those lunch lady-inspired curls), the only place that this look would be considered trendy is on a box of Betty Crocker.

In all fairness, Katherine Heigl had to dye her gorgeous blonde hair dark brown for a movie role, so we won’t rag on her about the color. But what’s her excuse for this ’80s-news-anchor-meets-politician’s-wife bouffant? We can only imagine how many cans of hair spray had to die to achieve this helmet hairdo. Aqua Net® Professional Hair Spray anyone?

As the mother of four children, it’s entirely possible that Heidi Klum didn’t have enough time to blow-dry her hair before running to this red carpet event. However, we have a very bad feeling that her wet-looking, slicked-back style was done intentionally.

Taylor Momsen‘s Rapunzel-goes-Goth extensions are so long and straggly, we actually miss that weird mullet cut she used to have (and that’s saying a lot). Oh, and no one was even remotely surprised when the wannabe rock star recently told that she doesn’t brush her hair.

If you stood on Cassie‘s left side, you would assume that she had a lovely head of hair. And you would be half right. The singer shaved one side of her head, writing on Twitter “sometimes in life you need a change.” Yeah, that’s what a few face-framing layers or some pretty highlights are for.

At first we thought that My Bloody Valentine actress, Jaime King, was headed to a costume party, where she dressed up as some sort of alien with crazy hair. But she actually sported these finger-in-the-socket curls to an awards show. Yikes!

We’re usually fans of Rihanna‘s envelope-pushing style, but we just couldn’t get behind her cherry Kool-Aid colored, half-shaved bowl cut. (Just writing that made us woozy.) Luckily, her hair is starting to grow out and our fingers are crossed that her next look won’t be quite as aggressive as this one.

Maybe arriving at the London premiere of The Back-Up Plan with her hair styled in a way that can only be described as “fancy bird’s nest” was Jennifer Lopez‘s misguided attempt to distract people from the rom-com bomb.

Who do you think sported the worse celebrity hair?



Celebrities are just like us, only humans. and sometimes they got a bad hair day too. :D

[...] DIY from the new book by Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This. The Beauty Stop points out some really bad celebrity hair. Lace is still on trend, and The Goddess thinks Nicholas Kirkwood got it right with this amazing [...]

[...] the new book by Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This.  The Beauty Stop points out some really bad celebrity hair.   Lace is still on trend, and The Goddess thinks Nicholas Kirkwood got it right with this [...]

Gorgeous Gray JLo

When is JLo going to go natural with her gorgeous gray hair?!


Katherine… Knowles.


Jennifer. Film and hair… horrible. This is a distraction.


Actually Cassie had both side done (shaved) but had it always this way.


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